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Landscape percussion instrument sensory experience interaction__ Letu Non-standard Amusement

Product Name: Landscape Mover Sensory Experience Interactive Product Brand: Nuutoo / Chau Product Model: LT-GG111 Product Specifications: Customizable Product Color: Random / Customized Product Features: GS Certification, Non-toxic, Outdoor Do Not Rust, Long Tolerance Grinding product use: Musical instrument class with effects of hitting, shaking, friction, etc. The fighter instrument may be one of the most old instruments that everyone recognized. Some instruments can not only produce rhythm, but also a good effect of the melody and the sound. Hotline: 15167702299
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Product Description

Landscape Musical instrument sensory experience interactive product parameters
product name Landscape strike instrument sensory experience interaction
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Interest
Product number LT-GG111
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

PVC material, engineering plastic, leather, solid wood

Applicability Kindergarten, Outdoor Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, Community, Tourist Scenic Area, Self-Construction Site, etc.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

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product description

The fighter instrument is a musical instrument group combined with hit, friction, swing, and tapping, can produce a variety of desired outstanding effects. Outdoor landscape to fight musical instrument sensational experience interaction is currently recognized in outdoor parks, real estate communities, and municipal parks.

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These musical instruments can not only produce beautiful melodies, but also can drive people's understanding of the rhythm, especially for children, this is the best companion that enhances sound identification. Because the outdoor striking instrument is in the green environment and other environments in the green environment and other environments, they are deeply liked by children.

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product price

Wenzhou Chao Amusement is a specialized in children's play equipment, large outdoor equipment,Sensory experience interactionEquipment professional production design, direct sales, installation and transportation, training help as a play equipment manufacturer with 8 years of rich experience. We have a rich industry experience plus advanced product design concept, and have achieved exquisite process production level, bringing quality product quality for the market.

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Outdoor strikers typically use aluminum alloy materials, whether it is from moving through the wind and sunburn, no rust, the intensity is relatively large, wear resistant. However, some outdoor fracture instruments will also use wooden materials. This material has passed high strict plastic powder to ensure the actual tap effect of the product.

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Many investors are not familiar with the equipment quote, but you need to notice the material and the comfort of the use of the entire device, and the use of the effect is that only the two are at least to ensure that you buy genuine. Relatively speaking, the price of high value is higher. Therefore, consulting manufacturers are more sensible!

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Wenzhou Chao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing sales outdoor sensory experience equipment, landscape blow musical instrument equipment, and combating instrument sensory experience interactive equipment. Landscape Musical Instrument Sensory Experience The interactive price is low, quality, welcome new and old customers consultation: 15167702299!

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common problem

Q: Is the interactive equipment for the interactive equipment in 2020 outdoors?

A: Of course, it is popular. In fact, the time of the outdoor fighter in the market is not long. Now it is in the prosperous period of development, people are also more clear about this outdoor equipment, so they will be welcomed.

Q: How should the home version of outdoor sensory equipment choose?

A: The child likes to play with children or at home in the same age, so good play equipment can make two people to play. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that some small types of sensory experience project equipment that contributes to the common interaction between parents, such as the sound tank.

Q: How much does the sense experience interactive do?

A: Different equipment, models, and price difference. For example, a single small sensory interactive device will definitely be cheaper. On the contrary, if it is a comparative device function, then the price is more expensive.

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