Large combination slide characteristics

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Large combination slide characteristics

Large combination slides, with its own advantages, becoming popular equipment, almost every child likes to play slides. Due to the advancement of the times, foreign cartoons introduced China, the slides are no longer monotonous, and the slides of various themes have appeared, with the trend. Children are more curious about fresh things.

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First, large combination slides are very suitable for lively

Such as parks, communities, supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens and other children's playgrounds. Amusement facilities are safe and durable, design and clever, color coordination. Designed for children's love, jump, drill, etc., color, high entertainment, high safety, and reliable quality. Large-scale amusement facilities typically include door, bridge, casing, ladder, ladder, tube, tube, rope net slide, is connected to a fastener, and the surface has no sharp objects, and each component can choose a variety of models and A variety of colors can also be done according to customer needs. This product is bright, not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-cracking, structural sturdy and safe, children's combination slide design is clever, color matching harmony. The combination of various parts of plastics, children's play facilities bring safety, joy and lively atmosphere to children.

Second, the characteristics of large slides

1, color, no fading, high strength, anti-static, wear resistant, sunshine, aging, anti-cracking.

2. Refer to the popular style of Europe and the United States, combined with the characteristics of the domestic market, ingeniously integrate, drill, climb, climb, slide, turn, roll, etc., etc., into children's entertainment. It not only has exercised children's balance, independent coordination and ability to create, but also help to enhance children's self-protection awareness.

3, can design a variety of rides in different styles according to the actual site size.

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Third, the material of large slide

1, strut material

2, platform material

3, steel pipe fitting material

4, plastic fitting material

5, column cover material

6, lock snail accessories material

7, hardware parts material

8, the contact surface material and the angle iron are treated by the guide angle for the round head treatment and prevent any adjustment to maintain the security of the user and the facility structure.

Fourth, material species

1, wood + plastic combination slide

2, full plastic combination slide

3, FRP combination slide

4, plastic steel combination slide

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