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Large-scale imported solid wood combined slides in real estate community_乐图非标娱乐

[Product Name] Real Estate Community Large Import Solid Wood Combination Slide [Product model] LT-YM111 [Product specifications] integer customization [Product Brand] Nuutoo / Chau [Product color] picture color, custom [Product Features] GS certification, high-end material, long-standing [Product Use] A variety of forms of slides, smartly, drill, climbing, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling, etc., etc., in children's entertainment, do both children's balance, independent coordination, and creativity. Also facilitate the child's self-protection awareness. [Hotline] 15167702299
  • LT-YM111
  • Nuutoo/乐图
  • YM111

Product Description

Large imported in real estate communitySolid wood combination slideProduct parameters
product name Large imported solid wood combination slide in real estate community
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Interest
Product number LT-YM111
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

PVC material, solid wood, pearl cotton, steel pipe, solid wood, carousel

Applicability Senior Kindergarten, Outdoor Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, Community, Tourist Scenic Area, Self-Consultation Places, etc.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

Solid wood combination slide + log combination slide + combination slide + children combination slide + community combination slide - (41)Solid wood combination slide + log combination slide + combination slide + children combination slide + cell combination slide - (40)

product description

Wooden combination slide series products are designed by unique and ever-changing games, which makes construction players, kindergartens, and communities can create unlimited joy and attraction in limited space, style fashion, generous, and high-grade. The auxiliary plastic parts are imported engineering plastics, penetrate into ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-decolorine, strong strength, smooth surface.

Chau non-standard tour + children combination slide + playground slide - (3)

The manufacturing process of the wooden combination slides uses high-end 10 procedures, which is tailored to customer needs, which is why all kinds of play products that are now seen in the market have a certain uniqueness, which can be good Stabilize the resources of new and old users.

Chamo non-standard travel + children combination slide + playground slide - (1)

product price

Solid wood combination slide + log combination slide + combination slide + children combination slide + community combination slide - (4)

Music outdoor wood combination slide structure is safe and durable, design is clever, harmonious, and the wood parts are ingenious, bringing safe, happy, lively. Set fitness entertainment, carefully designed a variety of different styles based on children's interest.

Solid wood combination slide + log combination slide + combination slide + children combination slide + community combination slide - (11)

The slide parts are imported in the water, the wood is hard, the drying performance is good, the water resistance is strong, it is not easy to worry, it is difficult to crack, it is difficult to deformed, and the texture is general.

Chau non-standard travel + wooden slide real photo + combination slide + swing - (10)

Wenzhou Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of luxury imported solid wood combination slides _ music map non-standard travel, large playSolid wood combination slide, The industry is largely imported solid wood combination slide, real estate community solid wood combination slide project. Industry Hao large imported solid wood combination slide _ music map non-standard amusement price is low, quality multiplied, welcome new and old customers: 15167702299!

common problem

Q: What are the children's play facilities suitable for real estate communities?

A: Sliding ladder has always been the children's favorite, combined slides can be combined by a variety of amusement equipment such as stairs, climbing walls, drill holes, slides, can provide drill, climbing, climbing, slipping, etc. Experience is the form of a kind of amusement project that has been favored in the past.

Q: How does the community wooden combination slide amusement area are most reasonable?

A: The matching amusement area of ​​the real estate community cannot ignore its theme, according to the community theme to formulate the theme of the paradise, prevent the landscape conflict from affecting the overall beauty. At the same time, make full use of longitudinal space, taking into account the needs of adults and children.

Q: What benefits can be brought to the children?

A: Exercise coordination skills, enhance physical control. From the slide process, the baby needs to master the balance and speed, get the exercise of physical coordination skills; promote the development of large sports, often playing the slide balance of the slide will be good, good balance is the foundation of sports ability.

Production Process

Wood Product Production Process - (1)Wood product production process - (2)Wood Product Production Process - (3)

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