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Large spider combined slide non-standard amusement equipment

[Product name] large spider combination slide play equipment
[Product specifications] non-standard customization
[Product Features] GS certification, wear resistance, corrosion (outdoor is not rust)
[Product Use] Playground, Children's Paradise, Combination Slide, etc.
[Application case] Hefei Zhonghai City giant deer slide
[Free hotline] 18057732525
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Product Description

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + spiral slide - (1)

product category

Non-standard travel equipmentProducts can be designed according to the needs of the customer site and the specifications, a variety of types of variety, and the common style has a clown series slide, the pirate series combination slides, pirate ships, giant slides and other series.Non-standard travel + outdoor combination slide + stainless steel slide

Case display

Non-standard custom + slide + outdoor playNon-standard custom + slide + outdoor playNon-standard custom + equipment manufacturers + outdoor amusementNon-standard custom + slide + outdoor play

Quality comparison

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + quality (5)


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