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Letu Indoor Children's Park Yunnan Maitreya Large Trampoline Park Case

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Letu Indoor Children's Park Yunnan Maitreya Large Trampoline Park Case

  Yunnan MaitreyaLarge trampolineThe park is located in the beautiful Yunnan Province, located in the beautiful Maitreya County. The large trampoline park was established on December 25, 2017! The total area is 900 square meters, and its style is beautiful ocean color - blue is the main color. Especially young, the following is a rendering of the design of the large trampoline.

Large trampoline + trampoline paradise + non-standard custom

Yunnan MaitreyaLarge trampolineThe park was built by a handsome guy who loves sports and fitness. Every investor in the team is very young and enjoys the joy of sports.Yunnan MaitreyaLarge trampolineThe meaning of the name of the venue is a group of young people who love fitness.Large trampolineThe vacant sense of jumping is like a bird flying at high altitude!

Indoor Park + Naughty Fort + Expansion

  On the opening day, it attracted a large number of small players from the Taekwondo Hall, the city.Large trampolineThe park project is still not popular, but the number of experience visitors is endless.

Stainless steel slide + naughty castle + combination slide

  The large trampoline project can also improve children's attention, balance, thinking ability, immunity, etc., and can also make more friends. As long as the long-term past exercise, some of the children's ability must be significantly improved. of! The hourly rate is also very close to the people, the venue can also do cards, the card price is more favorable, as well as course activities, team activities.

Climbing + large trampoline + non-standard custom

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