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Lifting square table children's playground supporting facilities_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Lifting Foundation Table Children's Playground Supporting Facilities [Product model] LT-PT054 [Product specifications] integer customization [Product color] picture color / custom [Product Features] GS certification, strong corrosion resistance, not easy to rust out, long-term wear [Product Use] Provide a player to rest, serve as a set of equipment for integer, suitable for a variety of kindergartens, children's play parks, juvenile pavilions, outdoor parks, scenic spots, holiday centers, hotels. [Order hotline] 15167702299
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Product Description

Lifting the square table children's playground supporting facility parameters
product name Lifting the square table children's playground supporting facilities
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Interest
Product number LT-PT054
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

PVC material, engineering plastic, leather, solid wood

Applicability Senior Kindergarten, Outdoor Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, Community, Tourist Scenic Area, Self-Consultation Places, etc.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

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product description

Lifting the square table childrens playground supporting facilities are the skeleton of the Children's Paradise, the theme of innovation, and interesting equipment can continue for a long time, attracting the fun. Grasping the child, means that the traffic of the park will basically catch. The role of the sustaining table is not only the tool used to rest, but a lot of interactive games can also be done on the lift table.

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For example, in kindergarten, you can use the lifting table to make children yourself to play interesting projects, achieve mutual understanding and communication, can also hold some fun and interesting activities and enhance the vitality of the park.

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product price

Lifting square tableChildren's playground supporting facilitiesIt is a good way to build a profitability in children's playgrounds, because you can join dietary income, so consumers can also take more baking courses with more baking courses with a lifting-level table, and can drive other earnings income.

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Profit children's play programs are certainly more than this. The project is not profitable, and there is a big relationship with the operation. It is not a matter of easier profit, children like children's play, and guarantees that they must make money, and the choice of children's park is critical.

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Such a customized type of child supporting equipment is quite cheap, because the design of the role and appearance is not difficult for Wenzhou Music Racing Equipment Co., Ltd., we can make product customization according to your requirements.

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Wenzhou Chao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of lifting square table children's playground supporting facilities _ music map non-standard travel, lifting square table children's playground supporting facilities, square table supporting equipment, children's paradise lifting table customization. Lifting the square table children's playground supporting facilities _ music map non-standard amusement price is low, quality multiplied, welcome new and old customers: 15167702299!

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common problem

Q: What are the places usually apply this device?

A: This customized version of the lifting table is more applicable to kindergarten, preschool center, boy palace and other places, is very practical, and now some small and medium-sized enterprises choose the best choice for supporting equipment.

Q: will the lifting table will have a security hidden danger?

A: Generally, it is difficult to produce safety hazards, because we use a plastic soft bag to reinforce the table, so if the children are playing, if they are not careful, they will not produce more Large damage.

Q: How much is the children's park? How much does it take?

A: The Children's Paradise has a large area, which is determined according to the investor's funding situation. Generally, 100-200 square meters is a typical type of entrepreneurial standard. Then, according to different categories, the choice of supporting facilities is best.

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