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  • How much is the popular large children's playground equipment?

    In recent years, many people have seen investment opportunities due to the gradual growth of children's play. Especially for the development of preferred second- and third tiers, the children's paradise is even like the spring bamboo shoots. In 2019, many investors want to join the children's playground, because the child playground investment is low cost, and the efficiency is high. So how much is it now popular with popular large-scale children's playgrounds in children?

  • Now the outdoor expansion of kindergarten, more than the imagination

    Now the outdoor toys of kindergartens, more in kindergartens in the imagination, more high-end design, not only paying very much attention to the construction of indoor environment, but also in the outdoor toys are very useful. When I visited the kindergarten outdoor toy, I found that there were many children on 9:00 in the morning. Knowing their class, I know that 8:00 to 9: 00 is a child free time.

  • Children during the childhood, the most easily encountered problems

    Children in the childhood, the most easily encountered problems say that the son is easy, educating children is particularly difficult, this is not a hole in the wind. With the increase in children, their brains, language systems, etc. are gradually improved, and there will be different changes will also occur. In fact, this stage is more important, sometimes affecting the fate of the child's half-life. If a child has an optimistic, positive attitude, it is also very beneficial to their future.

  • Want to make your child exercise? Amusement equipment should choose this

    Want to let your child exercise physical fitness, how should the play equipment choose? With the gradual popularization of quality education in my country, many parents' education concepts have also undergone great changes, of which children's physical fitness has become one of you. Whether it is a school or parents, I hope that the child can have a A good body, so you can complete the future studies, and as a good helper for physical training, which features of the play equipment, let's talk about this problem with everyone.

  • What are the design points of stainless steel?

    What are the design points of stainless steel? In recent years, stainless steel materials have become almost the most perfect equipment in your heart, because whether it is safe or entertainment, it has higher equipment. In the process of playing slides, you can exercise your child's body and intelligence. Development, and its security is very high, there is almost no danger, so many parents are also happy to let children participate.

  • For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware of

    For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware that many people will not feel unfamiliar, because it is an additive for children to grow, many parents are also happy to let children participate. There are already many types in our city. For investors, you should know the new trend of its industry development, so you can grasp the biggest profit of the market.

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