Music Tour Take you understand the process of professional team design indoor naughty castle

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Music Tour Take you understand the process of professional team design indoor naughty castle

With the rise of the present malls, children's playgrounds, children's naughty castle moved into a place where these people are large. As long as it is a place where people are traffic, they will see different kinds of children's playgrounds, which is much larger than the investors' competition. If you start from the source, how to design a naughty castle to attract children? Music music takes you to understand the process of professional team design indoor naughty castle?

What is the design of an indoor naughty castle to attract customers to play? In fact, the most important thing is the combination of external obvious themes and internal features innovation. Xiaobian summarizes these points, let's take a look!

This article contains the following

1, distinct space theme

2, naughty castle project interactivity

3, material selection and equipment safety

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First, a distinct space theme

As we all know, children are more sensitive to colorful, unique animals and plants, so we will also design according to the distinctive features of children when designing children's naughty castles. For example, the slide, trampoline, drill net, marine ball, etc. In addition to the innovation design of the function itself, the distinction between the color will be more obvious. The subjects such as animals, plants, and forests can be matched.

Second, the interactivity of the naughty castle project is strong

Children's play equipment is usually a child. If the child is only playing in the playground, there will be some boring. Therefore, music map play is in the process of designing the naughty castle project, it will reasonably divide a part of the area as a parent-child amusement, and parents can play interactions with their children. This can enhance the degree of trust of parents for the naughty gardens, while increasing the stimulating equipment makes the child's growth more beneficial.

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Third, the use of materials and equipment safety

Our music map will recommend customers to choose the comprehensive amusement park for different themes based on the actual venue. The materials selected by different equipment projects will definitely be different. For example, the trampoline uses high-end PVC materials, and the swing is selected from the use of oak materials. The match between each device will also be in an orderly, let the children can play the functions of the body.

The above is the music map tour with you to understand the professional team design.Indoor naughty castleThe problem will be mainly considered in the process, and I hope that Xiaobian's explanation will have a certain help for newbie entrepreneurs.


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