Music custom new project: Outdoor colorful expansion slide

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Music custom new project: Outdoor colorful expansion slide

As the weather is properly turned cold, many families will choose from travel and enjoy a good outdoor parent-child play time. But many families are very worried about the time that they can't bring their children to a parent-child play, and many outdoor playgrounds are all regions that are different from play. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the new custom outdoor research and development products: Outdoor colorful expansion slides, this is a parent-child interaction.

This article contains the following

1. Colorful expand chute Products

2. Colorful expand chute actual case

3. Colorful expand chute classification

First, expand colorful slide Products

The core material integral part of the chute employed colorful outdoor environmental protection type PE resin material, after the end-time injection molding process prior to use, to simulate the play mode of the ski. At the same time after my senior engineering staff continued to practice and improve, to explore different shapes of dry snow slide. For example, there are the traditional lollipop shape, and the shape of the tire, seven color stitching like a mountain hanging rainbow, very eye-catching.

Children's playground + + Khan extreme sports snow chute (2)

Second, expand colorful slide actual case

Then I will introduce my company to create a paradise of Long Bao outdoor training base here has a 20-meter-long slide colorful outdoor development training venues, many young people and families will choose to relax in this autumn and winter, feel different time outdoors good place.

When designing for investors, we conducted a sci-fi design the appearance of colorful slide, profile lines of the design to attract more people's attention. I designed this a colorful slide solve the traditional ski season seasonal maintenance business embarrassing situation, different color designs not only beautify the site of the ramp, but also to maximize the value of existing ski facilities.

Dry snow slide master 8

three,Colorful expand slideClassification

In the colorful slide which can generally be divided into five categories will be designated, it is designed to carry out the project through different degrees gentle slope. The gentle slope of a low to a high degree, respectively, increasing the degree of gentle slope for each level brings excitement is not the same, the greater the slope on more irritating, but also for young people to play. If the age is relatively small kids, or play for less than 5 ° slope gentle slope 5 meters this primary chute length; young people more excitement, it is recommended to use the integrated slide slope.

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