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Naughty Castle Paradise Children's Paradise Equipment Indoor Large Children's Paradise Amusement Equipment

[Product Name] Naughty Castle Paradise Children's Paradise Equipment Indoor Large Children's Paradise Amusement Equipment
[product specifications] size can be customized
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, non-toxic
[Product use] Naughty Fort can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain and brain puzzle.
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Naughty Fort Product Description

Name Value Name Value
product name Leto indoor children's playground largeNaughty castle paradise Host color Random, customizable
Product specifications Customizable Packing Cotton film woven bag three-layer packaging
Product Standards EN1176 Suitable for age 3+
Adapt to the scene Playground, shopping mall, resort center, children's activity center, hotel, community Main material 1. Galvanized pipe 2. LLDPE 3. PVC soft bag

Non-standard amusement + naughty castle + children's play equipment

Naughty Fort material

  1. Naughty castle paradisePlastic slide: LLDPE, environmentally friendly material, strong antistatic ability, safe and environmentally friendly, good weather resistance and high strength.

  2. Naughty castle paradisePlatform: wood board + sponge + super strong PVC skin, high strength, excellent safety performance.

  3. Naughty castle paradiseSteel pipe: 48mm galvanized steel pipe.

  4. Naughty castle paradiseProtection net: high-strength nylon rope weaving, high strength and good safety performance.

Children's playground equipment + playground equipment + naughty castle (13)Children's playground equipment + playground equipment + naughty castle (12)

Naughty castle classification

Naughty castle style is diversified, only you can't think of it, there is no style we can't do. The most common styles can be divided into pirate ship series, forest series, candy series, castle series, marine series, space series, ice and snow series.

Naughty Fort + Trampoline + Stainless Steel Slide

Naughty Fort Engineering Project

Non-standard amusement + children's playground + combination slide

Indoor trampoline + stainless steel slide + non-standard custom

Combination slide + ocean naughty castle + water ride facility

Large combination slide + climbing + expansion

Leto Amusement Company strength

Dry snow slide + real person catching doll machine + square play

Children's playground equipment + art climbing + devil slide

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