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New home amusement equipment

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New home amusement equipment

The child has their own private paradise and can enjoy the speed of speed at home. Parents are no longer worried that their delicate body will be hurt. The new home play equipment is generous, fashion, practical, and excellent quality. According to the ergonomic design, the two side baffles are widened, and the sliding is safe, extend the distance, so that the baby can slide more fun.

This article contains the following:

1, simple installation, save time, protect the safety of

2, an upgraded version, to grasp the details, zero harm baby

3, slip thickening step

A combination of swing forest huts

one,Simple installation, save time, protect the safety of

Easy to install, saving a lot of time for you parents, and without aid, the installation process is simple, one-handed reverse, easy to complete assembly and disassembly, efficiency, most of the trial into the safety plastic buttons, smooth surface. Parents are installed, check the location of the widget, avoid the risk of children near, and swallowing.

two,Upgraded version, grasp the details, zero harm baby

To make the children feel more secure, grasp the details in the design, based on the original design is more secure, optimize and upgrade, T-slip design, so that children do not fall, the choice of Velcro jockstrap with care, like my mother's hands as gentle care of the baby fine skin, do not worry about biting into the baby's delicate skin, serve to prevent the baby fell out of the play action. Full of a sense of security, so that the overall design of the baby from harm.

Colorful small icon combined slide

three,Thickened non-slip step

Taking into account the danger of the child's upper and lower stairs, prevent the child's slide to slip, in this regard, after countless test, find the design optimization of the anti-slip staircase, use the text texture pedal, small footprint pattern, mark your child's growth trace. Record a good time to grow up.

The pedal spacing is reasonable, so that the child climbs safer. A large slide area and give your child a more spacious space. Control the magnitude of the sway and reduce rolling risks. Multi-speed height lifting adjustment, swing solid side panels increase the three-speed adjustment, adjust the height of the swing, so that the baby will enjoy the surprise brought by different heights.

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