Outdoor Non-Standard Amusement Equipment Children Buying Guide - Music Amusement

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Outdoor Non-Standard Amusement Equipment Children Buying Guide - Music Amusement

With the sharp increase in the number of children in China, the development of children's projects is gradually prosperous, especially for investment in outdoor amusement parks. As the operator of the playground, kindergartens and communities began to buy different non-standard players to meet the needs of children. Follow the music map to understand the outdoor children's non-standard play equipment purchase guide, unveiling more unknown information.

Whether you want to configure the old equipment of the Children's Amusement Park or the consumers who are non-standard amusement equipment, facing the play products of various styles on the market, do you have no hair, don't know how to choose?

This article will be familiar with the three types of products, teach you how to buy outdoor children non-standard amusement equipment!

This article contains the following

1. Outdoor children custom slide

2. Outdoor children custom climbing nets

3. Outdoor non-standard children's amusement park

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First, the outdoor child custom slide

Children's slide is the most common amusement equipment outdoor, and it is also one of the custom products of kindergartens, communities, and scenic spots. This equipment is high, safe and quality has strong guarantees. But do you know that children's slides also have the difference between European standards and national standards?

Outdoor children's non-standard play equipment purchase Guide: Because European and American children's body ratio is larger than the domestic childhood ratio, the overall slide architecture is larger, and the process standard is also produced in accordance with EU toys. Small children's slides and non-standard taxes in the children are designed in accordance with the proportion of children in China.

Second, outdoor children custom climbing nets

There are many types of outdoor children's climbing equipment. From the structure, there is plane, drill hole, cone and other styles. Outdoor children's non-standard play equipment purchase Guide introduction: No matter what style climbing net, the first thing to consider is safe, determine the factor of a climbing network is the strength of the rope network, a good online rope Spend the wire core, the overall design structure is also more in line with the child's foot steps. If you want to evaluate the custom climbing network, you can test the looseness of the net rope.

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Third, outdoor non-standard children's play park

Non-standard children's paradise design products are diverse, with different material, wood structure, engineering plastic structures, etc. Design requirements for production.

Non-standard custom amusement equipmentOne of the most popular projects in recent years, but because the overall manufacturing process technology is good, there is no specific standard to measure the quality of a product. Therefore, one of the outdoor children's non-standard play equipment option is to invest operators to understand the product, and test the quality of the product.


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