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Outdoor children's play facilities different age design principles

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Outdoor children's play facilities different age design principles

Outdoor children's play facility design is very large, new children's play facilities are very large, currently most parks,Playground equipmentThe appearance of a variety, the emergence of new rides can be injected into the park, the playground into the new vitality, improve the popular park, playground. New children's play facilities need to be aware of many aspects when designing the needs of tourists.

Age is often the basis for children's outdoor activities, and children are often divided into their small groups due to age. Children in different ages is different, and the game content is also different.

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Design principles in different age stages

1-3 years old: Adults need to be accompanied, need to open and safe event venues, the ground should be soft, and the activity facilities should cooperate with limb development activities.

3-5 years old: Parents can maintain a certain distance (requires a parent seating area). Increased children's interaction, increased limbs, alone, and facilities (seesaw).

5-10 years: parents can host, independence, limb activities have matured, need more development new interactive activities, communication between children, and activities common to children.

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The type of child is rich in activities, often exceeds the designer's imagination. They not only make full use of specially designed activities, but also to explore potential activity space. Designers should try to create types of activities and even muting activities, let their children get more social capabilities in activities.

And this kind of \"interesting \" can often be achieved by establishing a distinctive topic. Exaggerated styling, strange facilities, as well as the feeling of playing, usually, often let the child excited, remember to remember.

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