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Outdoor children's playground equipment overview and industry division

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Outdoor children's playground equipment overview and industry division

The equipment of the outdoor children's playground is mainly produced in China. Some high-end equipment is designed abroad, and then handed over to China's foundry, and after the manufacturing is completed. In the low-end market, China's equipment manufacturers have basically completed industrial closed loop. From raw material design, production to maintenance, there is basically no problem.

Outdoor children's playground

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The following is included:

First, foreign market

Second, the domestic market

Third, the new market

Fourth, high-end market

Foreign market

Outdoor children's playground equipment export has become the main means of industry collection, China has the larger production capacity in this field, and the total industrial chain employment population is millions, and a large number of small manufacturers in the southeast coast are almost monopolized through division of labor. A part of the annual export trade volume is a playground equipment, and 70% of the world's equipment is manufactured in China.

2. Domestic market

China's 98.5% of the playground equipment produced by its own manufacturer, less than 1.5% of large equipment, computerized equipment imported from Europe and America, the industry has developed rapidly, and the role is increasingly obvious. The financial and tax support for the state is also obvious. Large manufacturers can use land and give policy support in some cities.

3. New market

With the occurrence of technology iteration, the wave of old equipment centralized dressing in the past five years has gradually arrived. It is estimated that the annual price of more than 45% of the Chinese market has been more urgent to replace more than 8 years. If it is replaced every year, the manufacturer needs to increase Production, until 2025, it can be completed, this part of the market cake has been stared at the manufacturer, starting large-scale expansion of employees.

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4. High-end market

China lacks competitiveness in high-end markets, and equipment purchased by domestic playgrounds has become an advanced country manufacturing. Because core technologies are often materials, involving metallurgical industries, chemical industry, new materials industry, and work together is not one or two small and medium-media manufacturers. And in recent years, large equipment often require computer control, remote control, and fine sensor, which is not the advantage of Chinese manufacturers. Children's playground outdoors.

Outdoor children's playground equipment manufacturing is a huge market that involves a variety of types. The one-time cost of purchasing a large playground is tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. With the arrival of urbanization, many urban demands in China are increasing. The batch registration of the new playground requires a lot of equipment. Therefore, the market explosion will be welcomed in the next few years.

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