Outdoor large slide is generally what agency procurement

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Outdoor large slide is generally what agency procurement

Large outdoor slides have become part of life in the public's life, and each residential area will be equipped with other play equipment other than slides. The use of large outdoor slides can be more players than other amusement devices, which can be used as public welfare players, or as a toll project of a juvenile palace or other earnings. What a large-scale slide is generally purchased?

This article contains the following

1. Outdoor Naughty Fort Project

2. Outdoor Children's Park

3. Outdoor training base

4. Public Outdoor Park

First, Outdoor Naughty Fort Project

Outdoor Naughty Fort Children's Park is a large slide. Outdoor slides can fill the venue vacancies, and children who are relatively small will not bring a particularly heavy weight to the equipment. At the same time, you can bear the weight of dozens of children. The project of this device is a profit fees, mainly through ticket income to increase the benefits of outdoor naughty castle parks to use children aged 3-8.

Outdoor Amusement Facilities + Children's Amusement Equipment + Nothing Amusement (105)

Second, Outdoor Children's Park

All players in the Outdoor Children's Paradise will charge a single charge, so a large outdoor slide can populate some free play equipment. When children play the project while reducing the boring of their parents, because the audience of the Children's Paradise is relatively large, 8-16 years old young children are also a population of large slides outside the user, so the quality requirements for the slide are higher. .

Third, outdoor training base

Outdoor large slides are generally purchased? Nowadays, all major cities have opened outdoor training bases. Every year, winter vacation will usher in a fixed children's group, most of them are the activities of school organization or parents to register, with a ticket income. The large slide is a multi-function challenge project, which is known for the children.

Outdoor Amusement Facilities + Children's Amusement Equipment + Nothing Amusement (104)

Four, public outdoor park

Open parks, plaza, scenic spots generally set up the public fitness play project, and will also be equipped with the corresponding children's play equipment. Outdoor large slides are also used as retention projects, with drill cave games, swing, climbing games together, and the overall investment cost will not be too high, tens of thousands of yuan.

Large-scaleOutdoor slideGenerally, what institutions are purchased? Large slides are generally adopted by several institutions, and they are different, and the profitable venues will transfer costs to consumers by setting the charging standard. And public places provide equipment to everyone in accordance with public welfare free.


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