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Outdoor non-standard landscape play equipment why is the public?

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Outdoor non-standard landscape play equipment why is the public?

Entrepreneurial investment can be said to be a very tricky thing, need to pay different degrees of efforts. Nowadays, outdoor non-standard landscape types have gained the attention of mass investors in a short time. They want to create a unique playground with equipment, and profits. However, there are not many investors in the stage, and there is still a certain difficulty in the classification of equipment, so there is still a certain difficulty. After all,Non-standard landscape amusement equipmentThere are still a lot of knowledge that investors understand. Only by truly understanding the features and characteristics of landscape devices are more advantageous for investors.

This article contains the following:

1. Common classification of non-standard products

2. Design of non-standard products

3. Innovative gameplay of non-standard products

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First, common classification of non-standard products

According to the different materials and structures of outdoor non-standard products, it can be divided into many types of product equipment. Investors must choose the advantages and characteristics of the equipment that should develop entrepreneurship, and the use of the site development needs more valuable. And purpose product equipment. In general, non-standard products can be divided into wooden, engineered plastics, FRP, etc. according to the material, and can have climbing, spiral, floors, etc. according to architectural styles.

Second, the design of non-standard products

The design of outdoor non-standard landscape play equipment is in fact, more of the beautiful natural scenery, combined into an outdoor venue characteristics through design to enhance consumers' first eyeball. At the same time, if the product of the children's outdoor non-standard landscape play equipment, the main design style needs to be placed on the child, and the children prefer cute and interesting appearance. It is also as possible to be beautiful and soft as possible. This child can feel a more intimate experience. In addition, the design of non-standard product functions also requires different elements, such as swing, trampoline, slide, drill, and crawling different types of functional elements.


Third, innovative gameplay for non-standard products

Outdoor non-standard amusement equipment itself is its own innovative design to receive consumers' love in the mass market in the country, plus children's different needs for playing experience, and will not keep it for the same product design. Not changing, so innovation in playing is the vitality and attraction of the play equipment.

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