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Outdoor non-standard stainless steel slide custom

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Outdoor non-standard stainless steel slide custom

Outdoor non-standard stainless steel slideIt is a novel entertainment device. The slide on the market is now basically plastic materials, rolled molded, molded, but due to large production scale, causing slide size, shape fixation, and unable to meet some irregular venues installation requirements. Not limited by stainless steel, outdoor non-standard stainless steel custom slides can be appropriate, suitable for parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, resort, etc. Today, today, today, can meet their own Inspired by the design, all kinds of strange ideas can be embodied by outdoor non-standard stainless steel slides.

Shaanxi Xi'an Daxing Adventure Island + Stainless Steel Slide - (14)

1. Provide site plan

Customers can provide on-site plan (long, wide, high, have obstacles, entry position), or freely measured by our professionals.

2. Design effect map

Our designers will design the renderings for free according to your website specifications, and make appropriate adjustments based on your requirements and comments until you are satisfied.

3. Determination

Determine the design renderings, list the renderings device list.

4. Accounting offer

List the list of equipment, the quotation calculates the entire price for your quotation.

Non-standard tour + stainless steel slide case + slide + ride facilities (30)

5. Sign a contract

The two sides signed a legally effective contract after agreement. Because it is custom product, the buyer needs to prepay 30% deposit, and the factory begins to produce.

6. Production and delivery

Our company will send a special truck and delivery personnel to the door.

7. Equipment installation

Our company will send professional installation masters to install outdoor non-standardStainless steel slide

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