Outdoor play equipment: Good time for investment entrepreneurship can not be missed!

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Outdoor play equipment: Good time for investment entrepreneurship can not be missed!

With the allegations of the epidemic, there is now a tourism industry in China, and the amusement industry has also begun to move towards the right track. Many parks, playgrounds, and scenic spots are full, need a certain number of people to control the venue has a better play experience. Therefore, the outdoor play industry has become a project that people think now. There are also many popular seasonal outdoor play projects. Today, Xiaobian is recommended for you!

This article contains the following

Water Amusement Project

2. Net red shake bridge

3. Outdoor stretch trampoline

I. Water Amusement Project

The water play project is supplied with the demand of seasonal changes, mainly consisting of a gas pool, a water slide, a water, a water, and aquatic play equipment. Generally, large water amusement parks can be divided into adult zones, children's districts, and integrated areas according to different age partitions, while different site specifications, features, and victims have different design methods. All in all, the biggest advantage of water amusement equipment is a good place for parent-child interactions, and it is also a good place to build a project.

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Second, the net red shake bridge

Net red bridge is also popular in the past two years. The most popular period is a special program of Hunan Satellite TV, which is very popular among young people. We can often see the tour videos shared by different social platforms. This project can also be equipped with air cushions, marine balls or directly in the water park, and can operate in the four seasons. Suitable for farmhouse, amusement park, squares to do drainage projects.

Third, outdoor stretch trampoline

The outdoor elastic trampoline uses high-quality tension gas molds. It does not require electricity as an external force factor. The material is made of anti-ultraviolet stronger, and the bounce sex is good. It is guaranteed to be stepping on and bounce with tourists for a long time. The shape and color of the trampoline can also be done. In order to achieve a good effect of outdoor, the trampoline shape can be made into a white cloud shape, and the size can also be customized according to the characteristics of the environment, and it is easy to use.

Indoor Children's Paradise + Large Trampoline Park + Trampoline Manufacturer - (57)

These are briefly several small series to introduce the investment in equipment is now very popular, in fact, investment in the entire amusement industry are relatively easy to use, you only need to provide some capital projects, we can according to your needs as well as a market standard construction excellent investment opportunity for good.

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