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Outdoor play equipment price? What are the price factors affecting the outdoor play equipment?

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Outdoor play equipment price? What are the price factors affecting the outdoor play equipment?

The beautiful time that feels outdoors is now everyone likes to pursue, so this has led to the hot status quo of most outdoor playgrounds, especially the tremendous changes in people's consumption, have also increased the high outdoor playground. Profit space.Outdoor playgroundAlthough it is a huge profitable space, it is still necessary for a investor that still needs to think, is the price of outdoor play equipment, how much is the outdoor playground equipment? What are the price factors affecting the outdoor play equipment?

This article contains

Market environmental factor

Investment cost factor

Yellow season operation factor

Market environmental factor

The market environment is also the current form of development in the entire recreation industry and the price competition between the industry, so we must first understand the price range between the same industry, combined into its own store decoration and local Planning and design of consumption ability. The popular amusement project is mainly based on the public to accept, so the price of outdoor play equipment should not exceed the greatness of the public, otherwise it is easy to be isolated by the market.

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Investment cost factors

Market operators in the outdoor playground also needs to follow is positive relationship between investment and return, higher input costs brought about by the corresponding service prices will rise a lot, but you want to let the price of outdoor play equipment higher than among other peers, then it must have its own operating characteristics, such as the latest play equipment, more interesting and more fun, so consumers will be more willing to spend more money to experience.

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Seasonal operational factors

To retain customers, and we should let the customer for secondary consumption more than this, let customers think they have recreational needs in this area when they think themselves, which of course is part of the value of outdoor play equipment and, secondly, the maintenance customers also need to do accurate. You can take advantage of different time gaps seasonal outdoor play equipment to differentiate prices to attract customers to the consumer, such as membership card service.

Outdoor play equipment purchases and reasonable operating earnings related to market venues, operators will usually play to their strengths to occupy a larger market position to obtain profit margins just did it.

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