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Outdoor play equipment will be launched in 2021

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Outdoor play equipment will be launched in 2021

Good costs to start children's play facilities are children's play facilities, which is a question that many investors are concerned. The loss of money is inevitable. Children's play facilities are critical because it is directly related to the survival and development of children's play facilities. Now how do you have a variety of sports fields on the market, so how to choose? Below is an analysis of equipment in 2021 this year.

This article contains the following:

First, beach seeking equipment

Second, orbit racing equipment

Third, children's naughty package equipment

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1, beach seeking equipment

The sand treasure hunt is a small and medium-sized child play facility that is suitable for children. Psychologists believe that playing sand is a game, which is conducive to the growth of the child. The sand is unique, it is said that it has a variety of gameplay. Sand is solid and liquid. This method is flexible and easy to use. Its irregular structure or endless game is basically meeting the needs of children's creation. There are generally 50 square meters of beach search area for children's game venues.

2, rail racing equipment

Track Racing Equipment is a play equipment based on real-in-law simulation of young children's competitions, is a very popular small and medium-sized man playing equipment in the Children's Amusement Park. The project consists of a variety of equipment attachments. The trajectory can be spliced ​​to the conversion trajectory to implement the conversion task. In the game, children can repeatedly overtake, hit the opponent's car, and truly simulate the game. Make children feel the motivation and fun of the game.

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3, children's naughty package equipment

Children's Naughty Fort is a comprehensive entertainment facility, mainly combined with early behavior characteristics of drill, climbing, jumping, running, rolling, with some props, all-round cultivating children's ability and habits. A naughty castle contains a lot of recreational facilities such as slides, marine balls, swings, octopus, and more, these facilities can be freely combined to form a colorful game.

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