Outdoor playground design and product custom cases: Huaxi Farm

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Outdoor playground design and product custom cases: Huaxi Farm

Huaxi Farm is a children's playground in a Chengdu Outdoor Park. The overall area of ​​outdoor play has reached 1200 square meters. From the establishment of investors to create a way through children, nature-led operations, while the entire outdoor space has increased The music map non-standard custom type product is available to the children, which contain a hot non-standard combination slide, outdoor rope network, etc.

Huaxi Farm Amusement CenterIt is the outdoor expansion of the children in the forest as prototype, and has been launched for 5 years. It has a total of 15 play equipment throughout the play center. These devices are not only applicable to tourist attractions project development, large park construction, Superior hotels, municipal centers, are also very popular among the family housing. Each material uses high-end 304 stainless steel, PET, galvanized steel pipe, etc., through relevant international certification indicators. Next, Xiaobian mainly introduces the popular amusement equipment in the park!

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Creative Swing: Swing is certainly an essential thing that is an indispensable children's paradise. Swing can strengthen the position of children's perceive balance through the different amplitude shaking. There are many kinds of swings. Commonly customized bird's nests, shaped non-standard Swing, swings and so on.

Multi-function rope net climbing: Outdoor climbing is an airborne equipment that is popular in the children's play industry in recent years. Climbing helps children strengthen multi-dimensional comprehensive development such as hands and feet, eyes, thinking, can invisibly strengthen their physical fitness, and cultivate tenacious self-protection awareness.

Plum Blossom: There is no particularly fixed gameplay, mainly to see the stability of the children's footsteps, and the children need to play their own initiatives in the process of playing, and the body gets aerobic stretch training, achieving the effect of strong body.

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Large combination slide: Outdoor combination slides typically have plastic materials, stainless steel, wooden slides, etc. The slide is a multi-function playing method, which will climb, and the challenging play of these rides, and need children to mobilize the strength of the whole body, and integrated.

Sandshuang game: Playing with sand is a child's nature, whether it is in the river, park, and the community can see small can play the pool. As long as you have water, you can see the children's figure, they will make a bucket, small shovel, play with sand.

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