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Outdoor solid wood leisure chair Municipal garden facilities park solid wood chair professional production plant LT-YZ004

[product name] park solid wood chair
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion (outdoor does not rust)
[Product use] Park chair is a product for outdoor pedestrians to rest, mostly used in parks, communities, large playgrounds, shopping plazas, public places. With the development of the times, park chairs have entered most small and medium-sized cities and become a beautiful landscape of the city. It brings convenience to people and makes the environment more harmonious. Most of the park chairs consist of two parts: the seat strip and the chair foot.
[Application Case] ​​Chongqing
[Free hotline] 15167702299
  • LT-YZ004


  • YZ004

Park solid wood chair product description

Letu non-standard amusementPark solid wood chairProduct parameters

product namePark solid wood chair
product brandNuutoo, non-standard
Product numberLT-YZ003
Product specificationsCustomized according to the venue
Chair strip material

Wooden chair strip/plastic wood chair strip(optional)
Chair material
Steel foot / cast iron foot / cast aluminum foot (optional)
Product colorCustomized according to the effect chart
Suitable for age3+
Adaptation siteCommunity, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic area, high-end kindergarten, resort center, hotel, children's playground
Transport installation1. Special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton cloth + film packaging to ensure complete and no damage during transportation.

2, provide professional teacher installation services

实木 椅子 产品 展示

Leisure chair + trash can + municipal facilities + garden facilities + park facilities _01Leisure chair + trash can + municipal facilities + garden facilities + park facilities _02

Leisure chair + trash can + municipal facilities + garden facilities + park facilities _03

实木 椅子 工程 案例

Leisure chair + trash can + municipal facilities + garden facilities + park facilities _04

景观 游乐 案例 展示

滑梯 + 实木 组合 + 木质 + 无 动力 游乐 设施 + 原木 组合 滑梯 _01 滑梯 + 实木 组合 + 木质 组合 + 无 动力 游乐 设施 + 原木 组合 滑梯 _02 滑梯 + 实木 组合 + 木质 + 无 动力 游乐 设施 + 原木 组合 滑梯 _03 滑梯 + 实木 组合 + 木质 + 无 动力 游乐 设施 + 原木 组合 滑梯 _05 滑梯 + 实木 组合 + 木质 + 无 动力 游乐 设施 + 原木 组合 滑梯 _04

实力 / 材质 说明

Company strength 01+NUUTOO+Letu brand story (1)

First, wooden chair strip
1. Dry the log to the specifications required for the chair. After a series of natural drying or steam drying, a series of treatments are carried out to ensure that the seat strips are flat before the paint can be processed.

2. The paint treatment is roughly as follows: the wood is sprayed several times and the primer is polished. Use a sanding device to remove burrs from the surface of the wood, then apply a topcoat with a uniform finish.

Second, plastic wood chair strip
1. Stir with PE PVC PP PS plus wood flour.
2. Put the powder into the wood-plastic extrusion equipment, heat it and then shape it into the size of the chair strip.
Plastic wood chair strip Waterproof, moisture-proof, no cracking, no expansion, no deformation. Flame retardant, resistant, self-extinguishing from fire, no toxic gases. UV protection, anti-aging. Multi-color, multi-texture, good finish, strong wood. Free paint, zero methanol, no ammonia, benzene and other decorative pollution problems.
Generally wood needs to be treated with surface paint or water-based paint. Low carbon environmental protection, recycling. 100% recycling. It does not crack, does not swell, and does not deform. It requires no maintenance and maintenance, is easy to clean, and saves maintenance and maintenance costs. Wood generally needs to be maintained or painted in one year. In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is far below that of wood products. Wood-plastic is a profile that produces materials that meet the length of the customer's needs. The length of all wood is stipulated to be dead. Durable, save money, and use for more than 15 years.

Third, steel feet
It is made of stamping and welding of steel plate or steel pipe. This kind of chair has high moulding, variety and style, simple and modern shape. After the surface of the steel structure is pickled and phosphatized, the appearance quality and anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability are Improved.
、 铸铁 脚
灰 一 些能力 很强。
、 铸铝 脚
铸造 品 观它 的 踪影。

品 推荐 :乐 设备    大型 组合 滑梯   组合 滑梯

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