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Physical climbing outdoor expansion base facilities_lettu non-standard amusement

Product Name: Physical Climbing Outdoor Expansion Base Facilities Product model: LT-HD103 Product specifications: customization Product color: picture color / custom Product material: engineering plastic, steel frame, stainless steel, rope network Product features: GS certification, outdoor is not rot, long-term wear Applicable scenarios: Outdoor and indoors in different local settings; scenic spots, resorts, parks, ecological parks, etc., can build natural physical fitness climbing and exemption. Hotline: 15167702299
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Product Description

Physical to climb outdoor expansion base facilitiesparameter
product name Physical to climb outdoor expansion base facilities
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications (customizable)
Product number LT-HD103
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

Engineering plastic, environmentally friendly resin PE, rope net, steel frame, stainless steel

Applicability Scenic spots, resorts, parks, ecological parks, etc., can be built according to the characteristics of the seasonJungle crossing outdoor expansion baseAnd artificial typesJungle crossing outdoor expansion base
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

Jungle Expansion + Physical Training + Outdoor Expansion Equipment (8)Jungle Expansion + Physical Training + Outdoor Expansion Equipment (2)

product description

Outdoor expansion is also called experiential training, English is Outwardbound, meaning that a small boat will leave a calm harbor, and there is no to reversely turn to the unknown journey, to meet a challenge, to overcome one difficult, outdoor expansion means the natural environment Sports activity project groups with explore quality or experience in experience in exploration.

Expanding training equipment + - Fitness climbing + sports equipment - (15)

Outdoor expansion training can not only improve their own quality, but also improve the ability of various teams, strengthening the implementation of management personnel in promoting management personnel team leadership, management implementation, division of labor coordination. Expanding the development of facilities training, improving the integrated management capabilities of managers!

Expanding training equipment + - Fitness climbing + sports equipment - (17)

product price

Outdoor expansion base facilitiesThe construction project includes a thousand miles of walking, trusting back to the stage, is island survival, life and death grid, graduation wall, etc. The completion of the base will effectively provide a first-class outdoor base for grouping in all kinds of enterprising demand in the area, organ group and private enterprises in Huangshan City, providing extremely to outdoor expansion activities. The big venue is convenient.

Expanding training equipment + - Fitness climbing + sports equipment - (16)

In children's expansion projects, children are not trained in \"passive \", but actively participate in exercise. During the constant challenge, children fully develop their physical flexibility, strength, creativity, self-esteem, and teamwork spirit, challenge the body limit and mining potential, and get spiritual biggest pleasure.

Expanding training equipment + - Fitness climbing + sports equipment - (18)

Music-playing business outdoor expansion training equipment, expansion equipment, water-proof expansion equipment, psychological behavior training equipment, outdoor climbing engineering, expansion base construction, municipal engineering, environmental engineering supporting facilities, adolescent quality training equipment, adolescent quality education base construction, Indoor children's expansion and other projects, welcome new and old users to consult: 15167702299!

Expanding training equipment + - Fitness climbing + sports equipment - (19)

common problem

Q: How do I choose children outdoor expansion equipment?

A: When purchasing the equipment, you must first go to the factory in the factory. Look at the strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the product; secondly, it is necessary to see the various qualifications of the manufacturer, the consideration is complete, and the professional level of its research and development; Consider whether the manufacturer has strength to make a professional reasonable planning plan according to the demand.

Q: What are the proposals for the construction of outdoor expansion base?

A: Base launches children's expansion projects to organize summer camp training activities. (Through system training, you can change the psychological quality of the children lack of unity and cooperation. \" Competitive good psychological quality and personality traits.)

Q: Is there any standards and operating licensing requirements for outdoor expansion of sports facilities?

A: The establishment of outdoor expansion training base shall be permitted by the provincial sports department, and the \"license business certificate\" must also be opened after registration of the local Administration for Industry and Commerce.

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