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Preschool furniture solid wood storage cabinet multifunctional non-toxic and tasteless convenient storage cabinet

The reasonable height has brought convenient things to the child, and non-toxic and tasteless solid wood lockers brings a better environment with better indoor space, comfortable, and the shape-customized storage cabinet is more popular.
  • LT.zy10
  • ZY010.01

Product Description

Solid wood storage cabinetProduct parameters
Product number LT.zy10
product brand Nuutoo
Product color Can be referred to in the field layout
Product specifications Can be referred to in the field layout
product material Imported solid wood, PP plastic
Product Usage Storage cabinet, decoration
Suitable age 3+
Suitable place Kindergarten, early education center, entertainment venue, children's paradise, municipal center, etc.

Tu play has more than 10 years of product design experience. For the design and production of children's storage, the design and production of child storage has brought a better value experience for the present, so that parents are rest assured, let customers be relieved. .

Solid wood cabinet - (14)

Solid wood cabinet - (21)

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Solid wood cabinet - (17)Solid wood cabinet - (6)Solid wood cabinet - (19)Solid wood cabinet - (21)Solid wood cabinet - (9)

Product color classification

In order to facilitate the storage cabinet to make the entire space look more harmonious, our product color classification is very distinct, customers can customize the product according to their actual needs, first there will be a design of a locker, then take imported logs The material is customized, and finally the effect of environmentally friendly paint may be reduced as the influence of indoor space.

Solid wood cabinet - (18)Solid wood cabinet - (20)Solid wood cabinet - (22)

Corporate capacity

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