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Price of large climbing rope net equipment for climbing tower_lettu non-standard amusement

Product Name: Mountaineering Tower Large Climbing Rope Network Equipment
Product Brand: Nuutoo / Chau
Product Specifications: Customized according to site
Product model: LT-SW110
Product features: no toxic substances and odors, GS certification, long-term wear
Scope of use: park, municipal center, high-end kindergarten, scenic project, self-construction site
Age: 3+
Product Function: Mountaineering tower large climbing rope net equipment uses a nylon rope with great tensile resistance, does not contain poisonous substances and odor, wide range of applications, adults have different colors, highlight self-individual games, give Growth children dream and hope.
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  • LT-SW110
  • nuutoo/乐图
  • SW110

Product Description

Mountaineering tower large climbing rope network equipment parameters
product name Mountaineering tower large climbing rope network equipment
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Customized according to site
Product number LT-SW110
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

PVC material, galvanized steel pipe, nylon rope

Applicability Community, park, municipal center, school, scenic construction project, etc.
Product Usage Nylon rope with excellent anti-tensile resistance, does not contain poisonous substances and odors, wide range of applications, adult children have different colors, highlighting self-individual games, dreams and hopes to grow in their children.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

Rope network combination slide product introduction (2)

product description

Currently, there is a new favorite in the Children's Paradise. It can be said to be a new favorite in the paradise. Unlike traditional roller coars and romance Trojans need to repeatedly queued from the row, climbing equipment first can accommodate the area. Hundreds of people, and do not have to queue up while let adults stay at more time.

Rope network + climbing net + large crawling _02

Outdoor climbing facilities can enhance the body's softness and coordination skills, but you need to coordinate your hands and feet to keep your body balance, fight the heart gravity. But in the process of climbing, it still needs a certain courage when it is climbed by itself, so this will work out the child's willpower.

Rope 网 + climbing net + large crawling _16

product price

Outdoor mountaineering tower net climbing equipment is mainly used in expanding training programs, scenic projects, self-construction sites, kindergartens, etc., providing children over 5 years old, can bind to natural landscapes in this way, strengthen children A more in-depth understanding of the natural environment.

Rope network + climbing net + large crawl _05

Second, the outdoor rope net climbs the hollow settings, but also let the children in a fear of learning to control their inner fear, step by step to climb up to form a better psychological state. This is very psychological equipment is very exciting experience.

Rope network + climbing net + large crawler _13

This is also why now more and more places, more and more people will be willing to be a venue for climbing the equipment outdoors. In addition to the value of playing, outdoor projects, more helpful for children.

Rope network + climbing net + large crawling _14

An outdoor rope network climbing equipment requires a design or research and development, it takes a layer of experiment, until we can reach our applicable standards will be sold, and professional direct sales can bring more convenience to everyone. Specializing in the production of music maps for outdoor climbing equipment, has more than 10 years of experience, will be your good choice, hotline: 15167702299!

Rope net + climbing net + large crawler _12

common problem

Q: What should I pay attention to in the scenic spot network climbing equipment?

A: First, you need to pay attention to the security of the knot, because in order to protect the safety experience of the play, you must not have a sharp part; the rope network climbing project in the second scenic spot must pay attention to the details, such as Large vulnerabilities require emergency treatment; finally maintenance and testing.

ask:Outdoor rope net climbing equipmentWhat is the requirements for installation sites?

A: In fact, the outdoor rope net climbing device itself is based on the characteristics of the site and therefore does not need to be too worried because the different characteristics of the site is not easy to install.

Q: Children's outdoor rope net climbing with hemp rope or nylon rope?

A: We use high-end nylon ropes to prepare products, and we can protect outdoor security applications, and will not easily block, strong and durable, long-term wear.

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