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Rainbow crawl

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Rainbow crawl

The child is the gift of God, and the parents always want to put all the children in the world. But for the 90 parents who have just put into society, there is no more space for the children, it is obviously difficult to do. So, how can it only meet the child's fun, and create a venue that makes parents rest assured? So, what object is the rainbow crawler? What kind of venues can develop this project? Let's take a look!

This article contains the following:

1, what is a rainbow crawler

2, what kind of trampoline park is suitable for developing rainbow rope nets

3, develop the advantages and disadvantages of the rainbow crawler project

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First, what is a rainbow crawler

Rainbow crawlUse high quality imported color nylon special rope, handmade. In addition, the weight tension of each rope guarantees that over 259kg, equivalent to the weight of 10 children, and there is more than 10 tons of tension after processing into the net. The color matching of the rainbow crawling is in line with the psychological requirements of the child, and it is easy to accept by children, let the children love not to release. In addition to the rainbow climbing, the texture is also very soft, parents can let the children play, will not be dangerous, sharp objects have injured children.

Second, what kind of trampoline park is suitable for developing rainbow rope

Due to the characteristics of the equipment,Rainbow rope netThe project is required for the trampoline park. The venue layer should be higher than 3.5M. In order to ensure the firmness of the equipment, the steel structure should be installed on the roof. And because the rainbow rope network is a preference of the collective play, it is necessary to make a larger footprint. In fact, small venues are not suitable for choosing this single device. Wasted limited space to restrict the planning and design of the trampoline park.

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Third, the advantages and disadvantages of developing rainbow crawl projects

Advantage 1: High safety factor, small accidents are small

Advantage 2: Equipment for easy maintenance, small maintenance cost

Advantage 3: Suitable for the group of children to play together, can cultivate children's social power

Disadvantages 1: expensive price, low utilization rate

Disadvantage 2: Project Single, easy to let children lose interest

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