Safety and reliability of children

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Safety and reliability of children

All major parks, playgrounds, scenic spots, etc. will be equipped with children and other children's play equipment. The combination slide is one of them. Children's combined slides are freely combined comprehensive amusement equipment, children's slide manufacturers are generally on-site installation testing, purchase children The key to the slide is safety and reliability.

1.Choose manufacturers with various qualification certified purchases to buy children's combination slides

2.Carry out field inspections, can't rely on pictures and introductions, to prevent it from charge

3.Try to choose a company procurement product with good reputation and qualified qualification.

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4. When purchasing children's combination slides, quality and security should be placed first.

5.The safety protection of the combination slide must arrive.

The armrest is higher than the waist:The height of the security handle must be higher than the child's waist to protect the child without falling from the side.

Integral formation:The upper platform of the slide does not have a threshold, meaning that there is no high and low difference, it is necessary to be integrated, the slide should be smooth, there is no gap, so as not to keep the clothes rope to stand or hook.In addition, there is an arched design on the slide, guiding the child to sit down and slide. There must be a certain height in the bottom end of the slide, close to the bottom of the slide, do not close close to the ground, but to leave a height of 22 to 42 cm.Such a design is convenient for children to stand up and immediately stand up, and they will not be hurt by the children used by the rear.

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Sufficient buffer space:The buffer space can be left to the child enough safe space.

Ground design:In order to prevent children from accidentally falling, the ground around the child should be a soft ground with a high collision coefficient, pay special attention to the thickness, softness, elasticity, and anti-collision coefficient of the ground pad to prevent damage to the damage.

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