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Scenic drainage tool glass slide

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Scenic drainage tool glass slide

Glass drifting is also calledGlass water slideIt is built according to the ground, which is a recently popular water experience project. It combines glass speed skating and surfing two kinds of water entertainment form, with a length of a few kilometers. This self-contained network red project adds infinite temptation to major tourist attractions and expands people's traffic.

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During the drifting, the water in the groove is about 20 cm, and the water is in the drifting tank, and the speed can be controlled, the safety is high. With the blessing of transparent glasses, more excitations. In detail, a unique supporting design allows visitors in a drifting.

Glass water slideAs a popular drainage product in tourist attractions, the unique advantage of its product itself is even more integrated. The glass water slide should be born to meet the pursuit of speed and passion. Glasses floating from high places are under the mountains, between the dense jungles, the challenging 100 meters, and the more dangerous S-slogan design, or add a psychedelic spray along the way, ushered in \" Suspectedly \"water gun attack, bringing extraordinary sports fun and life passion.

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Glass drifting slide handrail, the shape, size and mounting position of the column should meet the design requirements, observe the size check, check the entry acceptance record, the number, specifications, position and connection nodes of the equipment, the installation of the equipment Design requirements, check the concealed engineering inspection records and construction records. The height of the handrail, the pillar spacing, the installation position should meet the design requirements, the installation should be firm, there is no loose phenomenon, observation, size, hand plate examination, the bar glass should be used to tempered glass or tempered laminated glass.

Especially in the annual tourist season, many scenic spots have begun to take a glass slide as a sign to attract tourists, and various new slide design came out, and the scenic tourists have also determined a large increase.

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