Self-operated rotation on the square, why is it so popular?

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Self-operated rotation on the square, why is it so popular?

Since the discharge of the economy, there have been more places in the squares in various regions. Everyone's entrepreneurial enthusiasm is also high. Many people choose the children's industry as their own starting point, and we value some small square inflatable, hand-portable, convenient children's play equipment. Therefore, self-operated amusement facilities on the square are also well known. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to the small fidelity of the small friends.

This article contains the following

1 Rotating a small plane is a moving convenient small device

2 main components of rotating small aircraft

3 Function of Rotary Lift

First, rotating the small plane is a mobile convenient small device

As a self-operated land versus economy, operators prefer to disassemble simple and easy-to-load. Players like to play a variety of play, functional multi-functional play equipment; and rotating small aircraft is satisfying the requirements of demanders and investors. It takes only ten minutes to complete the steps of installation and disassembly, which can both rotate and lose down. At the same time, in the process of running, you can also have music to support, cartoon music, let the children are more exciting, such a ride facility doesn't like it?

12 lift aircraft main map 1

Second, the main components of rotating small aircraft

Square Rotary Lift The flying plane is composed of four parts, respectively, the host, cockpit, connecting rod, and control cabinet. There are two wheels under the aircraft to rotate around the intermediate connecting rods, and can also perform rotation operations through the downward movement of the connecting rod, very fun. If there is a playground at the door, it is really convenient. At the same time, when we design a rotating small plane, we also designed a self-contained battery. Many of the places where the stalls are all do not have power, and our battery can make the stalls easier, and a tricycle can get it.

Third, the function of rotating and reducing the aircraft

The function of the small aircraft is very rich, which can be both timed and remotely controlled. When the children vote, there is a time to set the time through the situation of people. And the music on the plane can also be controlled by himself. It is a choice of children's music or choose popular music. Every cockpit has different forms, which one is like a Pleasant Goat, Bear, Thomas, etc.

12 lift aircraft main map 5

Nowadays, the small ride facilities have a hot hot, go to the square, and it is all known to the whole, and we will see you next time.

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