Shanghai Grandfather's self-made escape stainless steel slide won the national patent

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Shanghai Grandfather's self-made escape stainless steel slide won the national patent

   I believe that everyone has played slides when they were young. Many children like to slide down the slides. This is also a must for many playgrounds. Now it is used by many water parks in the swimming pool. But have you seen a slide that can help you escape? A 70-year-old man in Shanghai built a self-help slide in the residential building to help high-rise residents escape quickly in unexpected situations.

Non-standard custom + stainless steel slide + slideStainless steel slide

   High-rise escape is a recognized employment problem in the world. In Shanghai, Zhou Miaorong, who lives in a high-rise, is also worried about this problem. He has been thinking about how to solve this problem. In the end, he spent two years and finally invented a high-rise fast escape stainless steel slide system. This escape system is mainly composed of multipleStainless steel slidecombined to.Stainless steel slideIt consists mainly of straight and curved roads made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, about 50 cm wide, on each floor of the landing.Stainless steel slideThe slide is mainly linked by a curve, and the entire system is installed in the fire corridor.

Stainless steel slide + non-standard custom + combination slide

   When it is not used in peacetime,Stainless steel slideStraight roads will be placed sideways next to the corridor, and the corners on the platform will rise to the wall and will not affect the daily use of the corridor. When you need to escape, you only need to press the start switch of the device, do not need electricity, and rely on the domino effect generated by mechanical linkage, you can connect the straight and curved roads for people to use.

Stainless steel slide + non-standard custom + combination slide

   By designing the slope of the curve, when the escape on the slide, it can ensure that the speed of the escaper is not too fast and dangerous, and the speed and efficiency of escape can be guaranteed. The taxiing time on the first floor of the slide is about three seconds. Even a 30-story high-rise building can take only about 90 seconds to reach the ground safely. And the slide is also equipped with a special emergency lighting system and water spray system, which can greatly improve the safety factor of people in fire.

Stainless steel slide + non-standard custom + combination slide

   At present, the invention of the elderly has not only obtained national patents, but also applied for international patents. The old man's current desire is to further improve the system and promote it to the whole world.


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