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Shark theme outdoor combination slide_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Shark Theme Outdoor Combination Slide [Product model] LT-HT032 [Product specifications] customization [Product color] picture color / custom model [Product material] galvanized tube, stainless steel screw, imported solid wood, engineering plastic, 304 stainless steel [Product use] Exercise children's drill, climb, slip, etc., promote the development of children's limbs. The combination of slide design is clever, color matching, and the smart combination of various parts of plastic, children's play equipment bring safety, joy and lively feelings to children. [Hotline] 15167702299
  • LT-HT032
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  • HT032

Product Description

Shark theme outdoor combination slide product parameters
product name Shark theme outdoor combination slide
product brand NUUTOO non-standard
Product specifications Interest
Product number LT-HT032
Product color custom made
Suitable age 3+
product material

PVC material, solid wood, pearl cotton, steel pipe, solid wood, carousel

Applicability Senior Kindergarten, Outdoor Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, Community, Tourist Scenic Area, Self-Consultation Places, etc.
Transportation installation

Transportation + installation integrated service, from the overall project planning to product installation, professional team tracking service

Soft bag + cotton clothing completely worry-free high-level logistics transportation service, exclusive to product safety loss

Non-standard landscape amusement main map + shark + oblique house (2)Non-standard landscape amusement main map + shark + oblique housing (3)

product description

Shark Theme Customized Outdoor Children Combination Slide: As the nameship is the shape of the underwater shadish shark, which can shape the shape of different shapes, such as hippocampus, octopus, etc. The project that can play children can make the children feel the different seabed fun in the entire big shark world.

Shark + Club + Lookout Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (1)

The advantage of the topic customized type combination slides are to give people a bright feeling, let consumer players feel more fun to play the environment. It is a kind of indoor children's play facility that is closest to life, not only can you see it in kindergarten, but even in some families, there are also small children's slides.

Shark + Black House + Watch Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (5)

product price

Wenzhou Tu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company with a 8-year real team that creates a child's combination of slide industry status, professional providing to market series of children combined slides, large combination slides, and various outdoor combination slides, according to actual Demand to customer quotation and parameters, etc.

Shark + Club + Lookout Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (3)

Usually, the topic combination slides are suitable for cells, kindergartens, playgrounds. Its functional and playability are relatively strong, suitable for children's growth environment, but more expensive relative to indoor subject portfolios. .

Shark + Black House + Watch Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (2)

Second, the product process we produce is more compact than other manufacturers, and the use capacity on each project product is high. It will be better for the experience of the experience, so the price above the value will be one. Important factor.

Shark + Black House + Watch Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (10)

Wenzhou Chao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing shark theme outdoor combination slides _ music map non-standard travel, shark theme outdoor combination slide, seabed animal custom combination slide, shark children combination slide. Shark theme outdoor combination slide _ music map non-standard amusement price is low, quality multiplied, welcome new and old customers: 15167702299!

Shark + Black House + Watch Tower + Slide + Non-standard Tour + Children's Play Equipment (4)

common problem

Q: Why is the manufacturer inspect during the choice of the topic combination slide?

A: Because large combination slides are custom products, the requirements in the production process are relatively high, in order to reduce risk input in the purchase, and reduce the risk under normal conditions, it is recommended to choose Slide combination manufacturers affecting a brand impact.

Q: Where is the shark custom outdoor combination slide general use scene?

A: Usually such custom combined slides can be used for outdoor parks, playgrounds, communities and kindergartens, but relatively speaking, the venue requirement is to ensure the spacing of the site, there is enough outdoor space to ensure the normal product use.

ask:Outdoor combination slide priceHow much is a set of probably?

A: Outdoor theme combination slide usually has wooden, plastic, PE boards, and different size models, from thousands to tens of thousands of prices, each slide support and parts are used Different, there is a budget, depending on the slide style you want.

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