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Site selection and scale of the water park

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Site selection and scale of the water park

The water park is one of the current popular outdoor play activities, mainly in the summer operation. SoWhat do you need to consider a good water play equipment?

1, site selection and scale

2, device configuration

3, the design of the water park

4, pay attention to water treatment facilities

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First, site selection and scale

my country's current water park is based on the outdoor water park, and it is the paradise of tourists in summer. The peak of consumption is seven or eight two months. Regardless of how the operator work hard, it is also futile to miss the seven or eight or two months. Many investors are models in Guangzhou Changlong Water Park. In Changlong Water Park, don't compare like this, are you better than you have a geographical location like Guangzhou Changlong? Do you have the consumption concept and consumption level of Hong Kong, Guangdong? Is there a good management team like Changlong Group? Therefore, the location and scale of the water park is first implemented by local access, transportation convenience, consumption levels, and their own business teams, can not simply imitate, blind investment.

Second, the device configuration

The equipment configuration of the water park has also taken great changes in recent years, and the body contact slide is increasing, more tend to combine slides in large composite motion forms. However, you must pay attention to the customer's customer capacity. A water park in China has imported two colorful large slides from abroad. It is less than 100 passenger capacity. What is the use of pretty? The configuration of the water park equipment consider the family consumption group, and more configures that are suitable for men and women and old family, and avoid equipment accumulation, leaving a full secondary development space. More hopes to have new breakthroughs, for example, configuring water equipment that can be operated in a year, combined with marine life and land equipment.

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Third, the design of the water park

The design of the water park must ensure that the integrity and accuracy, one of the big differences between the water park and other theme park is to ensure that the system equipment of the ride equipment is hidden in the ground, and you must fully consider the entire water park when designing. Official website system, water supply and drainage system, water supply electromechanical control system for each device, water treatment system, design of each machine room, design of each falling pool, coordinate size of each device, mutual location is clear, avoid side design , Side construction; side design, side modification, less missing items, to arrange the tourist line reasonably, set the corresponding shopping, catering, rest, public facilities.

Fourth, pay attention to water treatment facilities

Water is the soul of the water park, the clear blue pool water makes the tourist pleasing. At present, most domestic water parks do not dare to compliment. When the off-season or travelers are rare, the water quality is relatively clear. After the number of tourists in the peak season, the water quality has gradually become turbid, sometimes even makes the milky white, pungent and large landscape. Therefore, the method of artificial medicine is used, but the effect is not good. Some investors have imported superior filtration equipment from the United States in order to improve the water quality of the water park, but the effect is not ideal. Reason for water treatment - purification - disinfection - monitoring and other systems constitutes, alone imports purify filtration equipment, no reasonable system design does not guarantee the water quality. How to ensure that the water park has always maintained water quality, and it is also an urgent need to solve the domestic water park building.

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