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Sky castle outdoor wooden slide manufacturer_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Aerial Castle Wooden Slide
[Product model] HT-JG129
[Product Specification] 22 * ​​17.5 * 6.2M / Interest
[Product color] random / according to the effect map customization
[Product Features] GS certification, strong anti-corrosion resistance, environmentally friendly, outdoor non-rust
[Product use] The unique design of the ladder is a collection of a variety of action training functions, such as \"walking, running, jumping, climbing, climbing\". Suitable for all kinds of small communities, self-construction places, kindergartens, high-end hotels to build a special playground.
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  • HT-JG129
  • Nuutoo/乐图
  • JG129

Product Description

Aerial castle outdoor wooden slideProduct parameters
product name Aerial castle outdoor wooden slide
product brand NUUTOO / music map
Product number HT-JG129
product weight 75kg / m
Product color Picture color, custom
Product specifications 72/76 / 80cm (can be customized)
product material Solid wood, galvanized steel pipe (auxiliary)
Product Usage Playground, amusement park, combination slide, etc.
Transportation installation Full line transportation service, cotton + soft bag protection; installation master is installed

Non-standard travel + Control Castle + Combination Slide + Children's Paradise Equipment + Stainless Steel Slide Case (2)Aerial castle 3

product description

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + spiral slide - (1)

The aerial castle combination wooden slide is mainly a custom-made outdoor wooden combination slide project set by watching tower, watching the mirror, space, and starry sky. It can be used in a variety of large outdoor parks, high-end kindergartens, self-construction venues. , The creation of the natural scenic area project. The high-end material makes the color and durability of the entire product very high, and the information founted in our actual case can be seen that after the installation of the market, he has been welcomed and favored by the public.

Non-standard travel + outdoor amusement park + children's paradise

The design of this design is mainly biased in nature, space, freedom, such a subject positioning not only sucks a child who needs to release his own nature, it is more favored, thinking that children can try some at this age. New things are definitely better.

Non-standard travel + slide + park slide

product price

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development of the playing industry equipment, mainly for the production of wooden landscape slides, large outdoor combination slides, wooden children slides, etc., has always been due to high-end products quality and strict processes. Technology has been popular with the market.

Non-standard travel + Control Castle + Combination Slide + Children's Paradise Equipment + Stainless Steel Slide Case (3)

Among the many slides, the wooden slides are relatively popular, because the excellent appearance shape, all wooden structural system, flexible style, unique design style is children's No one choice, so it is also one of you like. Second, not only in the outdoor, in some large shopping malls, children's play parks are also used.

Non-standard travel + Control Castle + Combination Slide + Children's Paradise + Stainless Steel Slide Case (1)

Many people are more concerned about what materials are made, first of all, we can analyze from the crowd used, because the user of the wooden slide is teenagers and children between ages 3- and 18. Therefore, in the choice of materials, the main materials are the natural colors of the Nanyang red sandalwood, and the color is also the most natural color, and the reason is to consider the safety of children.

Non-standard travel + Control Castle + Combination Slide + Children's Paradise Equipment + Stainless Steel Slide Case (2)

Wenzhou Tu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of aerial castleOutdoor wooden slide manufacturer_ 乐 图 不 标游, aerial castle outdoor wooden slide, castle series wooden combination project, large outdoor wooden slide. Air Castle Outdoor Wood Slide Manufacturer_ 乐 图 非 非 游乐 The price is low, quality, welcome new and old customers: 15167702299!

common problem

Q: What is the advantage of outdoor wooden slides?

A: Wooden slide can exercise the ability to think, communicative skills, and cultivate the courage of children, because the wooden slide shape is unique, the style is varied, the project is diverse and not repetitive, and is a wooden structure that belongs to the environmental type Composition, popular and favored.

Q: What is the price of the price of the outer wooden combination slide?

A: Outdoor wooden slide price is not fixed, it is affected by the price of slide size, slide material, manufacturer and other aspects. Therefore, because of things!

Q: What are the parts of a wooden slide?

A: Roof, slide, baffle, stairs, platform, and column.

Production Process

Wood Product Production Process - (1)Wood product production process - (2)Wood Product Production Process - (3)

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