Slide of welding stainless steel types Do you need to pay attention to what? Correctly related to safety

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Because most of the stainless steel slides are transported to the designated place to be combined, the material of stainless steel is mostly welded, because the quality of the quality directly determines the results of the later operation, so for investment It should be known that how to pay attention to its welding, so you can understand the strength of the manufacturer, then what should I pay attention to in the process of welding?

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Slide of welding stainless steel types Do you need to pay attention to what? Correctly related to safety

First, the weld is reasonable, because it is very uneven, it should try to avoid the weld in high pressure area, and avoid superimposed welds and influence areas, my country has taken a similar safety accident case, because stainless steel welding workers Neglect, put weld into high stress area, after more than a year, stainless steel welds crackled, while maintenance has not found it, the child should be scratched, so it should be paid attention to this.

A reasonable welding plan and welding should be developed, which is the choice of technology. It should ensure that the carrying capacity of the weld should not be less than the wood, and all the accessories and the auxiliary materials must pass the inspection personnel, after acceptance The welding work is actually the basis for ensuring welding quality. Only all materials are in line with the decisions of the norms.Stainless steel slideQuality can be satisfied.

After the welding is performed, the slide stress should be experimentally carried out in accordance with the relevant acceptance regulations, the welding inspection, and the method of multiple inspections should be taken for easy occurrence of quality defects, and in the maintenance manual should be added Ming, and for operators, it should also be paid to cracks and breaks, and strict inspections should be made. If necessary, certain avoidance measures will be taken to low, and the probability of danger is low, and in the process of operation, It should be a strict test of its prestressed in accordance with the content of the maintenance manual.

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Slide of welding stainless steel types Do you need to pay attention to what? Correctly related to safety

After the welding is completed, the weld should be strictly inspected, and the qualified report issued by the professional technical inspection personnel will avoid quality problems in the post-use process, and the system has a dispute in the inspection method, If the conditions are allowed, professional field technicians can be hired to check.

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