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Special-shaped log large children's outdoor amusement equipment_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Alien Rigu Large Children's Outdoor Amusement Equipment
[Product specifications] 400 * 600 / custom
[Product color] log wood, custom
[Product model] LT-GJ116
[Product Features] GS certification, the log is natural, long-term wear resistance, anti-corrosion resistance
[Product Use] Senior Kindergarten, Outdoor Park, Hotel, Community, Tourist Scenic Area, etc.
[Order hotline] 18057732525
  • LT-GJ116
  • Nuutoo/乐图
  • 116

Product parameters

Alien logs large childrenOutdoor non-standard combination amusement equipmentparameter
product name Alien logs large children's outdoor play equipment
product brand NUUTOO / music map
Product number LT-GJ116
Product color Logo color, custom
product material 304 stainless steel, engineering plastic, galvanized steel pipe, special
Features GS certification, the log is natural, long-term wear-resistant, anti-corrosion resistance
Applicability Senior Kindergarten, Outdoor Park, hotel, community, tourist scenic spot, etc.
Suitable age 3+
Transportation installation

All products are fixed in the transport vehicle in the transport vehicle in a soft bag + cotton, and the product is tracked by the professional tracking master, ensuring that the product is safe and until the installation site.

Installation Service guarantees that all products are completely detected by investors

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Chau non-standard travel + combination slide + swing combination slide - (5)

product description

A wide range of logs outdoor large-scale children's play equipment is widely used in large shopping malls, senior kindergartens, outdoor tourist scenic spots, municipal centers, etc., because of their unique appearance and excellent product quality has been widely recognized and welcoming at home and abroad. Most of the shaped roots are transformed through the combination of imported logs and stainless steel. The characteristics of stainless steel slides are in advance design, and the appearance of the log is very strong. Natural feelings. In today's pursuit of sexualization, it is rare to have such a shaped non-standard outdoor combination slide!

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Chau non-standard tour + combination slide + swing combination slide - (12)Chau non-standard travel + combination slide + swing combination slide - (15)

The advantage of the music map outdoor non-standard original wood children's play equipment is that the product can be customized according to the customer's accurate requirements, all the processes are highly strict approval, the shaped log combination slides from design, construction, transportation, installation is very There is a difficult process, requiring our staff to have a highly familiarity of the product. The advantage of this product is more obvious, unique shape design, unsecured service, integrated transportation installation will be the reason you choose!

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product price

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strict process production level, professional technical team, and perfect equipment in national play equipment companies. The music map creates different models of amusement equipment, the appearance innovation is beautiful, the function is superior, the high-end product quality, establishes a good sales credibility and product word of mouth, and obtains the favor of new and old users across the country.

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Music play equipment is in charge of quality, equipment direct factory sales, zero intermediate difference, bringing high-end, high quality, low-priced products. However, the equipment of the music map has adopted a great superior material, so the price of the product provided with ordinary manufacturers has a certain gap, and the era of one penny should consider the quality of equipment products.

Music Non-standard travel + combination slide + swing combination slide - (18)

The music map product is very personal, unique, and each integration is a story, and the traditional program output is more advantageous.120The professional production team, according to the customer's needs, custom products, project recommendations, higher-range projects and preliminary product budgets, domestic and foreign60The experience of the construction of a large number of large-scale non-powered playgrounds guarantees the accuracy of the positioning and the differentialization of the product.

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Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive service project. From one, we will lead to customer service principles, music map products are reasonable, the quality is reliable, and there is a good word of mouthful in the entire amusement industry. Welcome to find the field visit, call consult:15167702299

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common problem

Q: Do you provide free non-standard amusement equipment accessories?

A: We will perform product design and production according to the actual situation of the site, and the product is also a free service in the later installation.

Q: What is the requirements for the unmarried large children's outdoor play equipment?

A: Usually, you need to find a relatively spacious outdoor venue, the surrounding environment is best to be leisure, such as outdoor children's playground, forest park, scenic tourist, high-end hotel is a better choice. Since the foreign wood children's equipment is a custom project, we will also perform field measurements and investigations on the site.

ask:Alien logs large children's equipmentHow long is the usage cycle?

A: Because the raw materials we use are high-end, environmentally friendly materials, whether it is wind and rain or exposure, it will not be very large for the service life of the product unless it is deliberately destroying the equipment project. The equipment will be based on the choice of materials, and there are engineering plastics, 204 stainless steel materials, galvanized materials, etc., all guarantees the reliability of equipment quality.

Q: Can I go to you with a similar venue case or a music map non-standard tour?

A: We will recommend you to the music map outdoor non-standard tourist franchise store to experience the experience and the project's inspection, and you also welcome you to our company for assessment, all-round understanding.

Company strength

Company Strength 01 + Nuutoo + Chart Brand Story (1)Company strength 02+ service capabilitiesCompany strength 05 + NUUTOO + music map corporate cultureCompany Strength 06 + Nuutoo + Chau Rongyi CertificateCompany Strength 08 + Nuutoo + Chart TeamCompany strength 09 + NUTOO + engineering caseCompany Strength 07 + Nuutoo + Chart Production Base


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