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Stainless steel slide

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Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slide and Sha pool have become a favorite partner of many community central park children. Different shapes, appearance, stainless steel slides can be seen in various high-end residential communities, parks, and malls. It is especially suitable for parks, amusement parks, schools, shopping centers, office buildings, and resorts. Usually stainless steel customs can be adapted to the local conditions, suitable for installation and commissioning of various venues, and various ramp customs. Therefore, what problems can I ignore if the stainless steel skateboard cannot be ignored?

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1, from the security perspective

First considering the plastic accessories, considering that your strength is not strong, unsatisfactory, and the environmental protection of the material, put safety environmental protection in the first place, then start from the design, see if there is a sharp corner, children's products are definitely not allowed to have sharp corners Therefore, it is necessary to use rounded or excessive arcs, then the diameter of the rope and rope products is greater than 16mm, so that the product's service life can be guaranteed.

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2, design

First of all, we must see if the design of the stainless steel skateboard is reasonable. Can you meet the needs of most children, because most users are still children, then consider the height of the skateboard, either too much, either too low, children can not exceed 5 meters, adults can't exceed 15 meters, mainly for security reasons, then the length of the rope chain and the railings on both sides, this is very important, you must consider the child's safety hazard, then consider the slope and height of the left and right baffles, because the child is very active, At the same time, consider the age of the child and choose different materials.

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