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Stainless steel slide to children's benefits

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Stainless steel slide to children's benefits

Large stainless steel children's slides are mainly used by children aged 4-14, while small slides are mainly used by children aged 3-10, because the equipment is designed for children, only suitable for children to play, ban adults, otherwise possible Will damage the equipment, causing unsafe.

Stainless steel slip slide to children:

Stainless steel slide real view main map (25)

1,Promote children's tactile development, in the process of playing a variety of slides, promoting tactile development.

2, the slide is the feeling of children on \"speed \".Different lengths, slides of slides are different from the speed experience of children, and most children feel from the speed of the slide.

3, exercise coordination skills, enhance physical control. From the process of slides, children need to master their balance and speed, resulting in exercise for physical coordination.

Stainless steel slide real scene map (14)

4, promote the development of big sports. Children who often play slides will be good, good balance is the basis of exercise.

The turns of the stainless steel slide is multi-tube design, the height of the slide is better than the small stainless steel slide, and the small stainless steel slide playing is relatively small, for the safety of children, so it is more than large. The function and size of the stainless steel slide are reduced.

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