Stainless steel slides, alternative "speed and passion"

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Stainless steel slides, alternative "speed and passion"

SlideIt is a ride that many children like to play.SlideFor children's sports equipment, whether it is in outdoor large playgrounds, shopping malls, parks, communities, scenic spots, there are always slides. OverallSlideNot only plays the role of decorative embellishment, but also enriches the lives of the surrounding children.

   Recently, large stainless steel scraped from various shopping mallsSlideThe new wave has caused the attention of the major media! Compared to the exhausted elevator, after experiencing this downstairs approach, you will find that the stairs and elevators are weak, this is the coolest way to go downstairs. . Is there a feeling of "speed and passion"?Letu non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + Shanxi Yuncheng kindergarten case - (7)

   This stainless steelSlideIt can be installed in shopping malls, parks or residential areas. It can be built on the support or built on the slope. The requirements for the venue are very small.

   stainless steelSlideIt is a relatively new amusement device. Compared with the traditional plastic material slide molding, mold production,SlideDisadvantages of size and shape, stainless steelSlideNot only has good weather resistance, but also has a long service life. The style, shape and length can be tailored according to the requirements of customers. It is a highlight of the installation and commissioning of various venues.Non-standard ride + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (2)

   The stainless steel slide is made of stainless steel with high weather resistance and is made of welding technology and heat treatment technology.

   In general, this stainless steelSlideThe material is divided into mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel. The brightness of mirror stainless steel is better. The stainless steel surface after brushing is more noble and heavy. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

   In use, compared to the general material, stainless steelSlideIt is more environmentally friendly and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, smoothness and smoothness.

Non-standard amusement + twin tower combination slide + children's playground equipment + stainless steel slide case (21)

   It can be a spiral S slide, a straight slide, a curved ladder, a cylinder slide,半筒滑梯Straight slides, cross-twisted hovering, etc., can also cover the transparent cover, transform the colorful lights, and dazzling. All kinds of exquisite design, incorporating the designer's thinking, also bring you different perception and fun.Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide (4)

   In many central parks, stainless steel slides and sand pools have become the best partners, and are loved and respected by children. It not only plays the role of decorative embellishment, but also enriches the lives of the surrounding children.

   In all the high-end residential areas, parks, and shopping malls, we can see stainless steel of different shapes, different appearances and different styles.滑滑梯. Especially for complex terrains such as parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping centers, office buildings, resorts, etc., stainless steel custom slides can often be adapted to local conditions, adapt to the installation and commissioning of various venues, and customize a variety of ramp slides.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide (7)


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