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Teach you how to choose children's combination slide play equipment

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Teach you how to choose children's combination slide play equipment

This article contains the following

1, children's naughty castle play equipment classification

2, teach you how to choose children's combination slide play equipment

3. Below to provide you with a number of ways to avoid children's play equipment safety hazard

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First, children's naughty castle play equipment classification

1. Combination slides: children's limbs and general coordination are continuously complete exercise on combination slides.

2, swing bridge: establish body balance ability, improve physical harmony, exercise children's guts.

3, aerial gliding: exercise physical fitness, inspiring children's courage to overcome difficulties.

4, Yang Fangtang: The integration of posture and bilateral, promotes high degree of action plans.

5. Massage the ball: Test children's vestibular balance and gravity.

6, shake music: Adjustment to inherent feelings and visual integration.

7, coconut tree: Children put into the safe parallel to climb, sit in the coordination of the upper and lower limbs, form new balance experience, and promote the improvement of integration.

8. Water roller: Children use wisdom and agile action to control a floating ball on the water, you can exercise the coordination of your child's limbs.

9. Water combination slide: Traditional concept combination slides increase dynamic elements, make it useful and visual renewal, children enjoy the happiness of the row, the sound of the water is more enjoyable.

Second, teach you how to choose children's combination slide play equipment

1. Children combined slides can be freely combined, and the connection portion can be lived. It can be pointed out which part of the need is needed, or which portion is not required. Materials are determined by economic investment. Single-layer FRP is basically a slide, two-layer FRP combination slides, engineering plastic children combined slides, and imported engineering plastics children combined with a lot of sectors. Factors generally need to install workers' home installation.

2. Select the unit with the following qualifications to purchase slip combination slides:

Through the unit of quality certification (ISO9000-2000).

Through environmental protection certification (ISO14001-2004) units.

Through national mandatory security certification (3C certification) units.

3, don't look at the price and pictures, the manufacturer is doing things with conscience, only the missed, there is no sale. Some manufacturers use cages or subfamily replace the amount of raw materials or less raw materials in the same item.

4, try to choose a good reputation, qualified units.

5. Buy children's combination slides, quality safety is the first, and now parents are quite high.

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Third, the following provides you with some ways to avoid the safety hazard of children's play equipment

1. Children must have adults when playing in the playground.

2, do not use the registration certificate, regularly check the qualified reports that do not indicate the safety precautions and warning logo.

3. Before choosing a children's play facility, you must read the instruction manual of the play equipment carefully, check if the safety device has faulty or hidden dangers, whether the ambulance measures are perfect, and explain and remind children.

4, according to the child's physical condition, choose the right rides.

5, children or children with fear, heart disease, anemia, try not to use.

6. During the operation of the play equipment, do not remove the protective device in the middle, jump out, or extend the head, hands, and the feet out.

7. When the play equipment fails, it should be kept, don't panic, timely alarm, and listen to the arrangement of the relevant staff, correct rescue.

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