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The advantages of children's combined slide equipment are obvious

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The advantages of children's combined slide equipment are obvious

The slide does not differ from the small white in the park. Because I don't know the type of the slide, I don't know which slide is more popular. There are many types of slides, and children's slides can be roughly divided into single other slides, children combined slides. Where is the difference between children combined with slide equipment and a single other slide? Which is beneficial to the park operator?

This article contains the following:

1. Children's combined slide equipment is far better than other slide equipment

2, children combined slide equipment can be designed with larger

3, the comprehensive comprehensive comprehensiveness of the children's combination

Non-standard travel + clown slide + large combination slide (7)

First, children combined slide equipment is far better than other slide equipment

Children's combination slides are amusement equipment, a complete set of facilities, usually include a door, a bridge, a slider, a top, a ladder, a handrail, a platen, a column, a slide, a climbing tube, and a rope net. Single slide equipment is just a certain function.

Second, children's combined slide equipment can be designed with larger

Children's combined slide equipment As the popular equipment of the present paradise, the advantage is that according to the diverse design, the unique combination slide can be customized according to the customer's needs. Children's combination slides can be freely combined, and the connection portion is alive, which part may indicate which portion or not. Material is determined by economic investment. Other slide devices can only be designed with a slide appearance, shape, and high low length.

Non-standard travel + human head slide + sculpture amusement + slide (3)

Third, children's combined slide equipment is very comprehensive

Single other slides are flat, bending, length, and slides with wood, metal, stone, plastic, inflatable, rubber, and even do with ice. There are all kinds of straight, rollers, rotation, high, short, etc. in shape, but the function of single slide equipment is not strong. Changes in shape, height, and design cannot meet the park operators' multi-level consumers. The children's combination is unique, and thousands of game designs, making the building playground, kindergartens, and communities create unlimited joy and attractive in limited space, design styles, generous, high-end.

Compared with other slide equipment and other slide equipment, the advantages of the slide apparatus are obvious. Therefore, when choosing slides, you must understand the ability of children's slide equipment manufacturers to make children's slide equipment. The music map play equipment is a professional company for personalized children's playground overall solutions. Provide customers with innovative practical integrated children's slide equipment.

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