The benefits of investing in colorful slides

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The benefits of investing in colorful slides

Less investment, big income! Rainbow slide one-time investment! Breaking the dilemma of the seasonal entertainment project! The slope of the site is difficult to have different degrees, with a number of types, give the builders. From hundreds square meters to tens of thousands square meters, scenic, resorts, parks, resorts, ecological parks, etc. According to the seasonal characteristics, natural rainbow slides and artificial rainbow slides can be built. According to the size, geological structure, method requirements, the corresponding size of the rainbow slide can be done. From the city to remote suburbs, it is suitable for building rainbow slides, making your site a colorful park.

This article contains the following:

1, colorful slide increase the richness

2, colorful slide, popularity, upgrade customers

3, colorful slide beauty, feature

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (20)

First, the colorful slide increases the richness

Colorful slideAfter the completion of the construction, the park will be able to make more operational activities in the project, allowing customers to have more residence times, as well as propagation points, and play a good experience and media function.

Second, colorful slide popularity, improve guest price

After the color of the colorful slide is completed, it can effectively activate the tourist experience needs. He seizes children, parent, couples, and young people with novel projects to effectively improve the total number of customers in the park and increase the income of scenic spots.

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (15)

Third, the colorful slide, the slope, characteristics

The colorful slide is colorful, novelty, building into a park can effectively enhance the beauty of the park, distinguish between the area of ​​the surrounding 100 kilometers, forming regional characteristics.

Colorful slideProjects can use a variety of interesting methods. These interesting combinations are also an important reason for stimulating tourist experience. Amuse is interactive and sharing, and the colorful slide is very good.

This interactivity guarantees the second spread of the equipment and reputation. It is not as good as everyone, and it is an important feature of the play project in interaction. 3.5m Double Bin Slide is designed to meet this needs. The couple slipped, one or two or three people slipped, the five people team slipped, brothers, sister groups were free to combine, which also provided operators with an appeal to stimulate customer needs, bringing more reasonable reasons for consumption!

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