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The combination slide manufacturer tells you what kind of combination slide is safe!

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The combination slide manufacturer tells you what kind of combination slide is safe!

Love is the nature of every child. Nowadays, there are many toys suitable for children. The combination slides are very clever in design and harmonious in color. Therefore, they are liked by many children. Currently, they are producing combination slides. Manufacturers are not too small, but when you choose a combination slide, the combination slide manufacturer, advise everyone to first consider the safety of the slide, then what kind of combination slide safety is higher?

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The combination slide manufacturer tells you what kind of combination slide is safe!

First of all, from the raw materials, the raw materials of the combined slides generally have two kinds of slides, the main part of which is usually made of plastic. The steel pipe structure and platform of the slide are usually made of steel. In terms of quantity, in general, in general The technical differences between domestic and foreign countries are not very large. They are usually corrosion-resistant, light-weight and strong in color. They are not easy to keep from being blown by the north wind, sun and rain damage, etc., but in comparison, The price of domestic plastics is cheaper than imported ones, but the quality is not inferior.

From the point of view of the selection of steel, the difference between domestic and imported, the quality is not large, but the price is relatively large. Whether it is the steel pipe of the combination slide used outdoors or indoors, it must have a rust-proof function surface plating film. Or the process of directly performing rust prevention on the surface, the safety is different, and the safety is higher.

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The combination slide manufacturer tells you what kind of combination slide is safe!

From the design of the combination slide, it must be ergonomic, so that the child will not be flying out during the process of playing the slide, especially in the process of playing the rotary slide, and the place where the child touches. There can be no sharp things to reduce, children are injured because of bumps. The leakage of the combination slide, if it is convex or concave, can not only leak water, but also have a certain anti-slip effect, and the baby's feet are not easily caught inside.

The combination slide manufacturer is very experienced in the production of combination slides. From the perspective of safety, it is also a relatively comprehensive customer who recommends using the plastic floor on the ground when purchasing the combination slide, so that even if the baby falls during the play It will not hurt when it reaches the ground and the performance of water permeability is better.

The combination slide has chosen a product with high safety, which allows the baby to be safe while being safe.

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