The origin of the water park play equipment

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The origin of the water park play equipment

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more and more pursuit of novel, exciting, fun, and fun. The rise of the water park is the beginning of children 's fun, why is these two-year water rides in the industry? Because the children love to play water, every parent knows, so in recent years, the water park equipment industry, including water slide, family interactive large water village, cartoon play water equipment, etc., let the water park more attractive Even the favor of parents! So who first develop this water park gameplay? Can you grab your child's tender heart? Next, I want to introduce you to the water play equipment.

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1. The water play equipment and water slide are born in the 1940s. Professional Water Park appeared in the 1960s in the United States, bringing cool in the hot summer. About 40 years later, the indoor water park appeared. Since then, the public's interest in the water project is increasing, and the water project is increasingly popular internationally. Two years ago, there was a report that the water park is one of the fastest growing entertainment venues, with an average annual growth rate of 7%. As the water park is getting hotter, the concept of water park is also gradually developed in a few years. Today's water park has become a comprehensive theme experience site, suitable for all ages, meet tourists' expectations for exciting amusement projects. Now, there is a slide, waves, lazy river, and aquochi and other projects, designers want to create productive products with vitality and challenge.

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2, China's hydrology source is long. As the vectors of the public, the ancients have, such as the Tang Dynasty Qujiang Front and the Chinese West Lake Yakay. In fact, water leisure has always been one of the casual ways in my country, especially in urban parks with artificial and natural lakes, is a very popular casual activity through the boat boat. However, after entering the new century, the water leisure and entertainment have undergone great changes, one of which is more prominent, is the rapid rise and development of the water park. It not only changed the simple romantic gameplay such as the traditional water boating, which brought all the parents who can play.

Therefore, waterful players are welcomed by children, nothing. From the outdoor delay to the room, from large delays to small, extend from the amusement park to the swimming pool. The Chinese have fully played their imagination and implementation. Make the water park equipment to play a greater value. Setting up the size of the city from all over the country. Let different people experience the joy brought by the water park.

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