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Theme Outdoor Children's Park Design

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Theme Outdoor Children's Park Design

Children's Park Amusement ProjectIt is the most basic child equity guarantee foundation in a city, and the importance of children's physical and mental development is self-evident in children. Children are moving toward socialization, if they have children grow public space, then the help of children is very large.

At present, the children's park in the country is actually flexing, and it is often the existence of a comprehensive public amusement park, and the environmental design of children's activities does not pay attention to changes in the psychological needs of children. Creating a high-quality outdoor landscape play environment helps to form a child's positive child outdoor play activity atmosphere, which has a good role in the development of the child's physical and mental development.

Music Amusement Classic Case

Project Introduction

This project is located in the middle of the child's activity space, all of which are all green ecological hydrants, and the left and right sides are commercial residential area.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctor + slide + tree house series LT-HT012 (1)

Material used in the scene

When we use the equipment, we pay great attention to the overall manufacturing materials of the equipment project, fully taking into account the durability of the product outdoors, and we choose material equipment, processing processing methods are very cautious, absolutely will not use crisis children's healthful amusement equipment .

The installation and maintenance of the play facility guarantees that all components are in the best use, and it is strictly forbidden to appear in accordance with the standard design. At the same time, in the overall amusement equipment, no matter whether it is a slide or a game, it avoids the use of all metal naked men. Because in the case of direct sunlight, the contact can be prevented from burns, but if the surface of these devices is wood or plastic, then the overall temperature of the surface will fall.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + tree house series LT-HT012 (2)

Beautiful but not chaotic space environment

There are standard site size construction on every small amusement space, and each project is designed in accordance with relevant technical process standards. For example, the spatial amusement environment of the rotating class will always give people a bright feeling. At the same time, the slider play equipment cooperates with the trampoline play equipment, which is the perfect stimulus challenge space environment.

At the same time, in addition to a single outdoor play equipment, other useful rides are also equipped with other useful amusement facilities, such as where they can directly provide food and drink, bath swimming pool, etc., is a comprehensive large outdoor children's park.

This is truly from a child's point of view, which can bring real psychological needs to changes.

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