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Theme Paradise Musical Instrument Amusement Facilities

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Theme Paradise Musical Instrument Amusement Facilities

Under the development of the modern children's play, whether it is a recreation project of technology, it is an innovation and renewal, on the one hand, in order to keep up with the trend of the times, on the other hand, the children are playing projects outdoors. Restrictions, such as age, and time limitations, so outdoor play equipment needs to be updated, and obtain the child's appeal.

At the same time, the play equipment projects playing is not only to give children a joyful amusement atmosphere, in fact, more importantly, through these play equipment, let the children rely on the character, to independent active, novel and unique play experience project can be stimulated Children's hobbies, reduce anxiety. Especially in the outdoor children's playgrounds, with different age groups, children have different people who have exposed their own emotions and different age groups.

Knocking musical instruments + blow musical instruments + sensory experience interactive amusement + elite drum 7

So, music maps are in the outdoor playground including outdoor parks, outdoor playgrounds, outdoor communities, and self-construction venues have created some interesting flames, let the children come from another angle to the melodious pleasure. Sound, and get the play elements of music interaction, use children in any age.

The effects of the fighting instruments in different era have different effects. For example, there is a violin, Hu Qin, piano, etc. in modern common instruments, but the play equipment in the outdoor playground is not these comparison orders, and it is a big gather. There is a password: You can do two children \"telephone communication \", enhance the fun between the children; open the drums outdoors: You can let the children play their own music festival, feel the charm of music.

Knocking musical instruments + blow musical instruments + sensory experience interactive amusement + elite drum 1

Every feeling of outdoor fierce instruments has a big difference, but it is not possible to bring the children's joy, bring a harmony to a family, bringing the children more charming music festival. When age is small, parents can appropriately pass the replenishment of these outdoor players, so that children add a broader knowledge.

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