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Those amazing outdoor non-standard landscape amusement equipment

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Those amazing outdoor non-standard landscape amusement equipment

The development of the new era also has a new change in the environment of children's play. As a city, as a city, it has become the home activities of the majority of children, and it is necessary to make improvements and innovations from the child's health development. Many manufacturers have also made innovative design. Today, Music Xiaobian takes you to understand, the music map design is amazing outdoor non-standard landscape amusement equipment.

This article contains the following

1 new Lion Children's Paradise

2 high-altitude corridor swan landscape play

3 pine fruit combination amusement facilities

First, new Lion Children's Paradise

New wooden amusement equipment designed by music map professional designers is a rides that are very innovative and influential. High-profile production materials, including 304 stainless steel slides, professional crawling, the materials and processes of each device are strictly filtered, do not have to worry about any omissions after the installation.

High-altitude corridor and swan combination home map 3

two,High-altitude corridor swan landscape play project

This high-altitude corridor swan landscape rides come through the high-end design style to the corridor slide and the beautiful swan general beauty to create a representative combined landscape playground, the entire project needs two months, from customers Only three months in the normal opening, we have changed their ambitions that we like to be very popular.

Third, pine fruit combination amusement facilities

Pine cones is a new landscape customized amusement equipment. The anti-corrosion resistance, anti-riot sun, very good tolerance, and the use of this amusement facility is very wide, including playgrounds, self-built central scenic spots and other places. Coupled with a convenient installation project, you can take a lot of space occupancy capabilities for a venue.

High-altitude corridor and swan combination amusement main map 4

The above is a small-editable view of the outdoor non-standard landscape. If you are now considering custom non-standard amusement equipment, welcome information.

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