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Three preparations that are most needed to build a playground

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Three preparations that are most needed to build a playground

How to build a good onePlaygroundIt is a problem that many friends who are preparing to invest in the ride industry are considering. Children's economy is booming, and the play market is active, but it is also accompanied by fierce and even white heat. So for an amusement park, you must be fully prepared. Otherwise, once it is started, if you are ready, the post-business situation will face a lot of trouble. In general, the construction of the children's playground has three preparations.

This article contains the following:

1. Market survey and site selection

2, venue planning and design

3, post-run support

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I. Market survey and site selection

Which line to do is to do a market survey, what is the main market survey of the children's playground? For example, the basic situation of the city: population scale, consumption scale, structure, traffic conditions, etc., these factors have more investigated methods to refer to whether local has operated a good playground, if there is, the comparison reference, if not, Deep feasibility considerations; specific location, basic atmosphere indoors and outdoor parks, the two need to pay attention to different factors, but almost all based on market conditions, how to let more people understand and go to consumption .

Second, venue planning and design

There are still two major sections:Playground landscape(Decoration) design, and play equipment design. Perhaps in accordance with many other traditional industries, the playground is not to find a suitable play equipment free combination? In the past, this is the era of the rise of the theme park, the way to splicing is outdated, now it is customized. It can customize the landscape combination of landscapes in the park, and outdoor parks need to combine natural landscapes to do the most harmonious combination design. The indoor paradise requires novel decoration style and details; amusement equipment is mainly based on novelty. Largely ensure the safety and effective experience of the use of the crowd.

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Third, post-operation support

The playground of the playground or the theme park is actually unbalanced size. From essentially, they need the same thing in their later operations, but it is not a cost size. Like all walks of life, the playground requires a professional operation team to maintain daily operations, which can grasp the interests of all phases, not waiting for tourists to buy and sell tickets. The later technical support needs to continue to play strength from hardware and software, and continuously publish new activities and experiences to attract more customers. Continuously update the playability of playability, combine with the formation of greater charms in the group of young children, maintaining benign operations, achieving quality management.

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