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Unpowered rides combined slide safety standard knowledge - 2

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Unpowered rides combined slide safety standard knowledge - 2

Then continue with the content of the previous section.Unpowered ridesSafety knowledge

6. Unpowered rides must strengthen children's fall protection measures:A fence must be provided for the standing surface beyond the play plane 600mm. At least 700mm from the surface of the platform, stairs or slopes to the top of the fence. The fence should not have horizontal or nearly horizontal crosspieces except the top, and children will try to use these crosspieces as climbing steps. The design at the top of the fence does not allow the child to stand or sit on it, nor can it have any spaces that encourage climbing.

Le Tu non-standard custom + ecological combination slide + non-standard custom play - (16)

Le Tu non-standard custom + ecological combination slide + non-standard custom play - (44)

7, the size of the swing positioning:
7.1 Distance between the swing chair and the bottom pillar away from the main product: 1/5x chain length +20cm
7.2. The distance between the swing chair and the end of the main product is required: 1/5x chain length +20cm+150cm
7.3. Distance between two swing chairs: 1/5x chain length + 30cm
7.4. Stability of the swing seat: The distance between the suspension elements is F, where F ≥ 5% x chain length + G (the length of the swing board)

7.5. Safety area of ​​the swing:
        For all swings, the length of the impact-absorbing surface is calculated as follows: the distance of the point at which the center of gravity of the swing seat reaches in the horizontal direction when the swing seat is swung at 60° plus the fixed additional length determined by the surface structure of the swing. In the case where the impact absorbing surface is flush with the surrounding area (generally man-made), the fixed additional length is 1.75 m, and the additional length fixed in the case of a loose filler is 2.25 m [see Figure D.7a). ]. The length of the impact absorbing surface is predictable on the swing

Unpowered safety standard

A is 0.867 × (h1 − h3 )
B is 1.75m, for horizontal impact absorption surfaces (generally man-made)
C is 2.25m for in-line impact absorbing surfaces (generally loose packing)
D is the maximum free fall height
Calculation formula: safe area of ​​the swing = (0.867 × (h1 − h3 )) + 1.75 or 2.25


No power safety standard + swing safety distance

L = A + B or A + C
1-The area covered by the impact absorbing surface below each swing position

Leto non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + office leisure play - (2)

8. Closed slide: the diameter of the pipe slide must be greater than Ф750mm

9. There is no risk of pinch rolling on the walking surface.

The equipment should be designed with the following in mind to avoid the occurrence of pinch rolling:
a) a completely closed rigid opening in the plane where the child runs or climbs
b) foot support and hand support extending from these planes.
Note: In the case of b), the foot and ankle may be seriously injured when the user falls.

Non-powered safety standard + pinch rolling risk

Figure 13: Gap measurement (maximum of 30 mm)

        There should be no gap between the running and walking planes that may cause the feet or legs to be rolled. The clearance in the direction of travel should not exceed 30 mm (measured from the direction of travel). (See Figure 13)
This requirement does not apply to planes with a horizontal plane greater than 450.

10. Channels - Unexpected obstacles:

Unpowered safety standard + playground potential danger disorder

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