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Various slides in colorful slides

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Various slides in colorful slides

Colorful slideProjects can use a variety of fun methods, these fun combinations are also important reasons for stimulating tourists experience, amuses lies in interaction, sharing, and colorful slides are very good.

So how many kinds of colorful slides?

This article contains the following:

1, straight slide

2, wavy slide

3, curved slide

4, waves slide

5, pull slide

6, flying bag slide

7, bump slide

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _05

First, straight slide

The straight slide speed is fast, the long distance is accelerated, and the distance is slippery, but the distance should not be too long, so as not to be too stimulated, it is generally controlled around 100-150m, the slide can be a single slide (2.2m wide), Double slide (3.5m wide) and multi-person slide.

Second, wavy slide

The wavy slide is like waves, speed and aggravation, and weight loss, the game is richer, can design long distance slide, can be designed to be a single slide (2.2m wide) You can also do double slide (3.5m wide) and multi-person slide.

Third, bending slide

The curved slide has a function of turning, which can be combined with the wavy slide, slipping from the top of the mountain, acting as a function of going down the mountain tool, low cost to solve the problem of down the mountain transportation, while combining speed changes, directional changes and weight sensation, more Stimulating, both entertaining and functionality. The curved slide can be designed according to the length of the slope of the mountain, theoretically, in theory, it can realize any length, generally takes 500 m or more length to reflect the value of the curved slide.

Fourth, waves

The waves is similar to the sliding way of a single-plate park U-slot or a water park waves. It can be swayed around, and the short distance but long experience is achieved, and the speed and direction change is high. Entertaining, generally 80m-150m, width 30 m or more.

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _06

Five, folding

The scales are similar to the wave swing slide, but the direction change is more aggressive, the sliding and slipping alternate, very stimulating, small area area, small area is small, generally 50m, slide width 3, slide width 3 -4M, the overall footprint area is dependent on the number of times of discharge tracks.

Six, flying bag slide

The flying bag slide is the most stimulated slide form, the slope angle is large, the speed is fast, from the slide, fall into the inflatable bag, visitors feel the weight loss, general slide length is 30-50m, width It is 2.4m, and the air packet is 10x10m. The length of the indoor flying bag can be reduced.

Seven, bump slide

The bump slide is to set up a rolling props on the slide. Tourists will have an upholstery feelings, such as the use of vehicles on the bump road, relatively wavy slide, bump slide more complicated, directionality, The bump length is about 50m, and the overall slide length is 100-150m, and the width is required to be 10m.

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