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Water Park Design Planning Suggestions and Steps

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Water Park Design Planning Suggestions and Steps

The water park planning is comprehensive, in order to cope with the current problems in the current market, avoid repeating the same mistakes, achieve sustainable development of the water park, and propose the following countermeasures in the planning and design phase.

1, accurate positioning, reasonable planning

2, create a unique experience, avoid homogenization competition

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First, accurate positioning, reasonable planning

The overall creativity and design is the first step in the construction of the water park and the most critical step. This stage determines the development direction and theme positioning of the water park. First, a good water park has the right atrial storyline in the theme ideas, each design is fitted with the subject. Second, we must fully consider market demand, set the building area and functional layout. According to the experience gained by the authoritative water park planning design unit, the average play area of ​​foreign water park tourists is 14 square meters per person, and this number is 4-6 square meters in Asia. Therefore, in planning the water park area, the instantaneous capacity should be considered according to market demand, and the appropriate building area, the required equipment capacity, the locker room, storage room and the commercial layout area, so as not to ignore the blind expansion and construction of the market. Again, for a comprehensive water park project, you must consider from process design, architecture, landscape, water supply and drainage, HVAC, and electromechanical.

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Second, create a unique experience to avoid homogenization competition

At present, the construction of domestic water park will fall into the strange circles of the tightly equipment. Some water parks always try to get \"Asia's first \", \"The first thing in China \" and other titles, with an eyeball, to create an advertisement. I don't know how to \"high, big, long \" play equipment is just the experience of playing stimulation. The most important thing for the water park management is to provide a characteristic experience that can inspire visitors again. The age of tourists in the water park is mostly 11 years old and 35 years old. Tourists have more forms of young couples, friends and families, relatively attracting low-income people, tourists have more radii, and the weekend, school holidays The peak of tourists. Therefore, in creating a unique experience, you should fully consider the needs of the target customer base, such as the multi-function combination of water-saving projects to attract teen and low-age tourists; set the water-slide equipment suitable for home travel, suitable for children's playful children's swimming pool, To attract family tourists; try to increase the area of ​​the Wavel Pool (Domestic Water Park is mostly 2000-4000 square meters) to increase the capacity of the park; set up the topic features to provide diverse experience services.

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